Types of 13 card game online (or types of 13 cards rummy game)

The 13-card game online (or 13 cards rummy game) is played across three major types- Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy. These types follow the basic structure of Sets, Sequences and Jokers but interpret other salient features on their own.

1. Points Rummy: If we were to put our finger on the most popular and extensively played 13 card rummy game type, this would be it. It is the fastest form of a rummy game available because every game lasts for only one deal. Players score points based on respective cards. The way it works is that each card has some points depending on its face value, barring the suited cards that come at 10 points each. Points Rummy revolves around a minimum and maximum limit of points that are assigned equivalent or proportional money value- and they come back in the same value to penalize the losing player. The winner scores zero points.

2. Deals Rummy: This is what separates men from boys! A major part of this game is different from the aforementioned Points Rummy game because it is played with chips and attracts an Entry Fees. As and when one runs through this stage, all competing players are awarded an equal number of playing chips for the game. These chips act like oxygen for the players’ game because as soon as someone’s chips fizzle out, that player has to leave the table. All chips carry equal points. The end of the game is to win all or most of the chips on the table. The deals rummy is played for a pre-decided number of deals, like two or three deals together.

The winner gets the sum total of the entry fee of all the competing players alongside him.

The Deals rummy is played across two variants: Best of 2 and Best of 3.

a.) Best of 2 Deals Rummy:

The Best of 2 Deals Rummy requires two or more players, and the winner among of them is decided in two deals. In other words, it is the rummy online player who scores the least number of points after two rummy games, as compared to his opponent(s), wins the game. The winner also gets the total number of chip points of the losing opponent(s).

b.) Best of 3 Deals Rummy:

The Best of 3 Deals Rummy requires two or more players, and the winner among of them is decided in two deals. In other words, the player who scores the least number of points after three games compared to his opponent(s) wins the game. The winner gets the total number of chip points of the losing opponent(s).

As a special case, the winner of an online or live rummy game can also be decided in two deals also if a player scores over 80 points in two deals.

How to calculate points in ‘Best of 2 Deals Rummy game’ and ‘Best of 3 Deals Rummy game’?

Rummy is a closed function of card combinations in the form of Sets and Sequences, divided into deals and hands. The process of figuring out the winner (in both ‘best of 2 deals rummy game’ and ‘best of 3 deals rummy game’) is quite straightforward and is explained below:

1. At the end of every deal, the players who could not make valid Sets or Sequences incur points based on the face value of their respective playing cards. (Please note that suited cards carry 10 points each while Joker carry 0 points). These points subsequently cost them chips.

As you can recall from above, the chips are the oxygen or the playing basis for a player. If he runs out of these playing chips, he loses the game too.

2. A thumb rule is to remember that 1 Point is equivalent to 1 chip. The end of the game is to score 0 points and thus to lose 0 chips. Obviously, if your chip count is maximum among your opponents or better yet, it hasn’t depreciated after a deal, you are the winner.

Conversely, the losing player is the one who has failed to make an appropriate number of correct rummy card combinations in the form of valid Sets and Sequences before anyone else. This player scores points in direct proportion to the face value of unmatched cards in his hand.

3. Maximum Limit of Points: The maximum points that a player can score is equal to 80, even if it exceeds the total value of his cards.

Drop Points in Deals Rummy

The rules vary according to the number of players who join the table.

a. A game involving exactly 2-player (or a Heads-Up):Dropping out of a game is not allowed. Should you still deliberately miss out on three consecutive turns, you would be dropped from the game altogether. What’s even worse, you would also incur a penalty of 80 points.

b. Games involving more than 2 players: A player scores 20 points if he drops the game at the very first dealing without picking up any card. If he drops any time after that, he scores 40 points. Please note that on dropping games three times in a row, a player incurs 40 points.

c. Pool Rummy: The third type of 13-card game online is the Pool Rummy. It is one of the most exciting formats of the game that involves several deals of cards and can be played with a minimum of 2 players. It is available in two formats: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. We have made a dedicated page at Pool Rummy to offer some detailed insights on how to play pool rummy in India. Please visit this page to go through the game variants in detail.

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