Types of rummy

Rummy is synonymous with some of the most superlative sportsmanship attributes one would ever get to see in any other skill-based card game. This mind sport hinges on a profound understanding of several core concepts in Mathematics, Psychology and Risk and Asset Management. Besides, it also assumes a forward position with respect to several key interpersonal attributes too like self-confidence, analytic thinking, calmness and reverse psychology to name a few.

If you’d like to learn to play rummy or are looking for types of rummy games to get started, we suggest that you look no further than this webpage.

We also suggest that you play 13 card rummy games in India (alternatively called free 13 card game online) to get started. It is a comparatively easier and thus more popular version of this game, and it finds more players playing it in our country.

Learn to play 13 card rummy games at India


A free 13-card rummy game involves exactly two players. Each of them, after being dealt 13 cards in a clockwise manner, rushes to make valid sets and sequences from his allotted cards. The first player to make valid and correct sets and sequences wins.

A wildcard called Joker is also selected from the remaining cards. This joker replaces the missing card in a player’s sets or sequences.

Players can choose and use cards from two other groups of remaining cards- called Open and Closed deck. A player can take a card from either deck at a time, provided he also discards one of his cards in the same lot to compensate for the same.

The gameplay of 13 Card Indian Rummy

A 13 card Indian rummy game comprises two processes.

1. A player can pick-up a random card from the Open or Closed deck of cards, and then compensates for the same by putting an unwanted card from those that were allotted.

2. This goes on until he succeeds in making two types of card combinations- Sets and Sequences. It is imperative to have at least one pure Sequence to finish the game.

By a Sequence of cards, we mean that 3 or more cards of the same suit are arranged in serial order. For e.g., 5♥6♥7♥8♥.

A Set is secured when three or four cards of the same rank but of different suits are arranged together. For e.g.,3♣3♥3♦3♠.

How to win a free 13 card game?

To win a free 13 card game online is a race against time. It calls for dedication, concentration, and top-notch gaming skills on the part of the players to arrange their respective 13 cards into valid Sets and Sequences- and to do so before any other competing player on their table. The key is to score 0 points in the process, as any point that a player scores only ends in a penalty in his overall score.

We encourage you to visit our dedicated section named ‘How to Play’ to learn how to play 13 card rummy game online.

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