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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our dedicated Rummy Tournament FAQs section, the place to get answers to all the questions that you may have.


Tournament FAQs

Playing our Rummy Tournaments is the way to go. Being one of the best rummy sites in India, we invite you to test your skills against some of the best online rummyplayersin India and to win BIG prizes(as Real Cash) in the process. Please go through the following rummy FAQs to know more about how you can play in the some of the best online rummy games tournaments in India.

1. How can I join a tournament?

We welcome you to our rummy tournaments in India. Please familiarize yourself with the following terms.

a.) Seats

Once you have registered for a tournament, you would be allotted a Seat automaticallyon a random basis and the tournament will begin on different tablesat the same time. You would be given a certain number of chips to play the game and the count would subsequently increase or decrease, depending on your performance.

b.) Gameplay

Every player gets 30 seconds to complete his/her move during the turn. Should you fail to make your move during this time, your turn would go to the next player.

c.) Winner

The winner is decided on the basis of the total points scored and the count of the chips remaining per player. The player with the highest count of chips gets the top rank and marches to the next round to compete with the leading players of that round. This gaming sequence and process continues until there is only one player remaining in the game. He is termed the winner.

2. What are Cash Tournaments?

Cash Tournaments are the way to test your knowledge against some of the best in the business. You would need to deposit real cash money to compete inour rummy cash tournaments. It is mighty simple and easy to deposit money in your RummyBaazi account. You can do so by clicking on ‘Add Cash’ in the lobby section and start playing cash tournaments.

3. How can I join a tournament?

The bigger the race, bigger is the prize. You can join our tournaments by visiting ‘Tournament’ section in our website, gaming software or app. You can then click on the ‘Join Now’ tab to start playing immediately.

4. How can I withdraw from a tournament?

We offer a very interesting setup of free and cash online rummy games on our website. If you wish to withdraw from the tournament, you can do so by clicking Unregister tab on the screen. The tournament buy-in will be refunded to your account. Once the tournament registration window is closed, you won’t be able to withdraw or get up from our rummy tournament.

5. When does the ‘Join Now’ button get disabled?

The ‘Join Now’is disabled automatically after the rummy tournament windows have closed after receiving a certain number of registrations or when the game is about to start- whichever is earlier. You can check the status of a game after checking the ‘Join Now’ tab.</>

6. When does a tournament start?

There is a certain time and/or a maximum number of registrations that are required to start a game- whichever is earlier. You can get to the game window quickly by clicking on the ‘Join Now’tab in the Tournament Section.

7. How are tournament seat allocated?

At RummyBaazi, we would love to keep your seat for you. We ask a maximum of 6 players on each game table in our rummy tournament and we seat our players on the basis of filling tables.

8. How much of extra time is given during my turn?

In order to maximize your chances of winning per unit time, we allocatea maximum of 30 seconds to every player during his/her turn. You can also get extra time but that would be deducted from the total time allocated to you. Failure to make any move during the extra time would end your turn.

9. How are tournament chips allocated?

Every player starts with a certain common amount of chips at the start of any tournament. As he wins a game and progresses to the next round, a player gets a fresh allotment of chips to play in the next round.

10. What is the points system in rummy tournaments?

Rummy is closely related to the points that a player scores or forfeits. The player who makes the first valid hand gets zero points. The more points a player scores, the closer he gets to losing the game.

All the face cards carry 10 points and other numbered cards carry points based on their face value while all Wild and Printed Jokers carry zero points.

If a player drops at the first turn, he pays for this drop by getting 20 points. If he drops after the first pick, he pays for this drop by getting 40 points. A player who declares without completing the objective gets 80 points.

Losing players accumulate points carried by their hands. If a player fails to make a pure sequence, then he forfeits the total points of the cards in his hand. If a losing player has two sequences with a pure sequence, then only the cards that are not arranged in proper and valid sequences and sets are counted. Players can get a maximum score of 80 points. A player who misses three consecutive turns gets a middle drop of 40 points and is automatically dropped from the game.

11. How are tournament chips calculated at the end of a game?

Please note that every rummy tournament chip carries one point each but only one winner wins all the tournament chips at the end of each game. The total winning is calculated as:

Total Winning = Sum of total points of all losing players X 1 tournament chip

12. What is the maximum number of points that a player can lose?

A player can lose 80 points at max, no matter what his final count of cards reads.


Online Transactions FAQ

Welcome to our rummy FAQs page related to Online Transactions. Here you would find answer to all the questions related to the same besides those related to depositing and withdrawing money.

1. Is it safe to perform an online transaction at

We are glad you asked this question! RummyBaazi is a safe and secure site to play Rummy and do online transactions. We have several secured payment gateways where you can deposit money to play real cash rummy games in India.

2. How do I add cash to play online rummy games in my RummyBaazi account?

We appreciate your passion for rummy. You can add cash to your account in simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Click ‘Add Cash Instantly’ in our gaming platform or website or app.
  • You can also follow the steps mentioned below for the same:
  • 1. Log in to your account. Click on 'My Account' or on ‘Add Cash’ tab in the games lobby.
  • 2. Select any amount between Rs. 25 and Rs. 50000.
  • 3. You can pay using your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or Cash Card. Once through this step, you are all set to play your cash game.
3. What are the minimum and maximum amount of money that I can deposit?

The minimum amount of money that you can deposit to play a rummy cash game online on RummyBaazi is INR 25. You can deposit up to a maximum of INR 50k, depending on your VIP levels.

4. How do I withdraw cash from my RummyBaazi account?

It’s equally simple and easy to withdraw your cash from your RummyBaazi account. Please follow these steps to withdraw cash from your account:

  • Login to your RummyBaazi account.
  • Click on 'My Account.'
  • Click 'Withdrawal'.
  • Choose any of these modes of transfer- Cheque or Online Transfer.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, fill in your details and click 'Continue.'
  • Please ensure that your KYC is complete, updated and approved, and that your submitted bank details are correct and valid.

Please note that it is mandatory to provide your PAN card and a government-approved Address Proof for verification while placing a withdrawal request.

PS: For additional verification, we may ask for other supporting documents like Bank Statement and Passbook,etc. at the time of withdrawal.

5. What are the maximum and minimum amounts that I can withdraw?

You can withdraw any amount starting from INR 100 and that there is no upward limit on withdrawal. However, please note that withdrawal of any amount more than INR 10,000 shall be liable for TDS deduction.

6. How long will it take to get my withdrawal processed?

Being one of the best rummy sites in India, we are committed to providingyou with the least possible withdrawal time. We process your withdrawal requests within 24 working hours after receiving a request.

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