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Rummy Cash Game Online

Want to infuse some excitement into your spare time and weekends? We have just the thing for you! Why don’t you play cash rummy games? Rummy, the ancient card game, has not lost its popularity. In fact, ever since rummy went online, even more people have been able to access this thrilling game. 

Not only will you be able to do something fun in your free time, but rummy cash games can also help you make a ton of money as well! RummyBaazi is here to explain it all.

How to Play Rummy Cash Games for Real Money on RummyBaazi -

If you want to make a ton of money off rummy, then we suggest that you play cash rummy on RummyBaazi. People who are new to online rummy may feel hesitant about playing cash rummy online because they are not familiar with how the process works. 

In reality, getting started with real cash rummy on RummyBaazi is the easiest thing in the world. No complicated processes are involved and you certainly don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to be able to play cash rummy on this site. 

Steps to Play Rummy Cash Game

Let us give you a quick guide to help you play the rummy cash game.

Just Follow These Steps

Firstly, you have to decide if you want to play cash rummy on RummyBaazi (and you really should because we offer a bunch of perks and advantages). Then you will have to visit our website. If you are more comfortable with apps, then the good news is, you can use the RummyBaazi app as well. 

On the RummyBaazi website, you can register yourself for free to play real cash rummy games. What do you have to do? Simply create a user name for yourself. Come up with a password. Enter these in their respective boxes. Next, you will have to enter a valid email address. Once that is done, you can type in your 10 digit mobile phone number. Then you can click on ‘Join Now’. And that’s it! Your account is ready. Next time you visit the website, all you will have to do is log in.

Follow the same steps to get yourself registered on the RummyBaazi app. You can download the rummy app for free and play as many online rummy cash games as you want.

To play real cash rummy games, you will need to pay an entry fee. This means that you will have to credit some amount to your account that will fund your entry to online rummy cash games.

How do you add money to your account in order to play cash rummy? This process too is quite simple.

If you are using the app, you will have to click on ‘My Account’. Or you can go to the game lobby and click on ‘Add Cash Instantly’. The ‘Add Cash’ option will be highlighted and you will have to click on that.

To add money and play real cash rummy games, you will have to next add some personal details. A series of boxes will pop up after you hit ‘Add Cash’ and that will require you to type in your First Names, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address, City, State, and PIN code.

Once you’ve filled in these details, read the Terms of Service thoroughly and if you agree to them, you can proceed to the payment part of the process by clicking on ‘Submit’.

Now you are one step closer to starting real cash rummy games on RummyBaazi. After you have submitted your personal information, you will be redirected to the online banking site. We use a secure server which is why you needn’t worry about the safety of monetary transactions.

Now, you can add an amount of your choice to your rummy account to play rummy online cash game. How much should you add? That is your call to make. We have set a fixed minimum amount of INR 25. So, that is the amount you simply have to add.

This is when you can add your promo code if you have a valid code. What you have to do next is choose the mode of payment you are comfortable with. We accept most of the preferred payment modes such as net banking, debit card, cash card or credit card. Once you’ve selected the payment mode, you will also have to select your bank name and the card. To be able to add cash to your RummyBaazi account and play cash rummy, you will then have to enter your card details.

Now, we are very close to completing the process. All that’s left for you to do before you can start playing rummy online cash game is clicking on the ‘Add Cash’ button.  The amount you had chosen will be credited to your RummyBaazi account after being debited from your bank account.

Just a word of advice - be patient while the online transaction is in process. Do not press ‘Refresh’ or ‘Back’ while the payment process is ongoing. Try to ensure you have access to fast internet.

Once the transaction is successfully completed and money has been credited to your RummyBaazi account, you will receive confirmation of the same from RummyBaazi through an SMS and an e-mail. Now you are all set to participate in real cash rummy games. Visit the website and choose a table where you want to play cash rummy and pay the entry-fees.

Playing Real Cash Rummy on RummyBaazi is a Lucrative Affair!

There are a few other exciting news that you have to know! There are offers galore for you. If you double your first deposit, you can win a bonus of up to INR 3000. You simply have to use the promo code WELCOMERB.

You will get bonuses for every deposit. The more you add cash to your account, the more bonuses you will receive. Apply your bonuses and get cashback.

Rummy Cash Game Benefits

The most important reason you should give the rummy cash game a try is you can make a lot of real money out of it. If you want to make money on the side, this is a fun and exciting way to do it. Many of us play mobile phone games during our spare time. Cash rummy games give you the chance to monetize your free time. 

The online rummy cash game can also teach you vital life lessons.

Why you should choose RummyBaazi to Play Rummy Cash Games over any other Cash Rummy App?

There are many well-known rummy platforms and cash rummy apps out there on the internet that let you play a rummy online cash game. You can download any cash rummy app and get started. So, why should you pick the RummyBaazi cash rummy app? How is it different from its competitors?

RummyBaazi offers certain advantages that you will not be provided with by the other rummy websites or apps.

Firstly, playing rummy online cash game on RummyBaazi is highly rewarding. We offer very generous cash prizes. Amazing deals are offered every day! Our exciting rummy promotions are meant to amp up your cash rummy experience. For example, throughout 2021, you can avail of Happy Hours where you will get the chance to double your reward points (when you play between 1 AM and 9 AM) or multiply them 1.5 times (when you play between 5 PM and 9 PM).

RummyBaazi also thanks faithful patrons with reward points. Baazi Rewards are not your-run-of-the-mill rummy rewards that other rummy websites and apps offer. Baazi rewards don’t depend on winning cash rummy games. Rather, Baazi rewards are all about your passion for rummy and the enthusiasm you display while playing the rummy cash game.  Most importantly, Baazi Rewards come with life-time validity, something that no other cash rummy app offers!

How do you win Baazi Rewards? The foundation of rewards lies in playing cash rummy games. When you play a rummy online cash game, you win reward points. There are several levels here and each can be unlocked with a stipulated number of accumulated reward points. 

Basically, once you have gathered enough reward points by playing cash rummy games, you can unlock a particular level and win the rewards (coins) contained in that level.

RummyBaazi gives you the option of targeting levels one by one or gathering your reward points to unlock a higher level. The higher the level, the more will be the rewards.

On RummyBaazi, there are 24 Rewards Levels. The lowest level is Level Zero and you need Zero points to unlock it. As you go higher up, you will need more points to unlock a level and similarly, the rewards too would be higher. For example, by unlocking Level 14 you stand to win INR 2 Lakhs as rewards! No other cash rummy app is likely to reward your loyalty with so much real cash!

We have a dedicated customer support team that will always be willing to help you out and answer any queries that arise while you play online cash rummy game, transact cash or withdraw money. 

RummyBaazi also boasts one of the easiest withdrawal policies among all cash rummy apps. It takes only 24 hours for your withdrawal request to be processed. A mere deposit of INR 25 is necessary for you to withdraw the cash that you won from playing the cash rummy game. Unlike any other cash rummy app, this app does not set limits upon how much real rummy money you can withdraw in a day. You can withdraw a minimum of INR 100 with every withdrawal. You can only make 3 withdrawals a day. Remember, TDS applies to any withdrawal amount of or more than INR 10,000. This is in keeping in mind the Income Tax rules which levy a 30% TDS on any income worth INR 9,999 or more.

Another reason why you should play cash rummy games on RummyBaazi is that you can play unlimited free games here. How does that help in winning real cash? If you are a new rummy player, still unsure of your skills, you can polish and sharpen them with practice. If you start playing a rummy cash game right from the start you could end up losing a lot of money and feeling discouraged to continue. But with enough practice and an advanced skill-set, you can play rummy and win cash.

A few other factors that will seal the deal by convincing you to choose RummyBaazi as your favorite cash rummy app:

Different Rummy Games Played with Cash

One of the reasons why rummy is so popular in India is that there are so many variants of rummy card game! Once you have mastered one version, you can switch to a new variant to keep things exciting. 

That is why RummyBaazi has incorporated all the popular rummy variants in one portal so that you can pick any version to play cash rummy. 

Let’s take a look-

13 Cards Rummy

Undoubtedly India’s favorite cash rummy version, this card game involves 13 cards being dealt to each of the players (2-6). Cards are dealt from 2 decks. Each standard real cash rummy deck contains 52 playing cards distributed into 4 suits – Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and Hearts. In each suit, there will be 13 cards. 10 of these are ranked from 2-10.  The 3 remaining cards are the high cards – Ace, Jack, Queen, and King. Each is allotted 10 points. Real cash rummy games online are played with 1 joker. Once all the real cash rummy players are dealt their cards, one random card is picked from the remaining cards and this is the cut joker. All cards of the same rank from the 4 suits also become cut jokers. Joker cards can be used to take the place of any missing card while forming sequences and sets during any cash rummy game. 

The goal of 13 cards cash rummy is to arrange the 13 cards into valid sequences and sets. 3 or more cards of consecutive rank from the same suit form a sequence. 3 or more cards of the same rank but from different suits form a set. To win a round of rummy cash game, you will need to produce at least 2 sets and 2 sequences. One sequence has to be a pure sequence (formed without a joker) and the other one can be an impure sequence. 

Once you’ve arranged all your cards as per the rules, you can declare and if the declaration is valid you will win the online rummy cash game. 

13 cards rummy too has sub-variants that you can play on RummyBaazi-

Pools Rummy

In Pools rummy, if a player scores a particular number of points he/she is disqualified. In 101 Pool rummy, the maximum you can score is 101. Similarly, in 201 pool rummy, if you score 201 points you are eliminated. The last player standing wins the cash rummy game.  

Points Rummy

In points rummy, the winner gets zero points but collects the total points of the unmatched cards of all the opponents. The rupee value of the point is pre-determined. The amount that the winner of the rummy cash game wins is the sum total of the opponents’ points multiplied by the pre-decided point value. 

Deals Rummy

Before a Deals rummy cash game begins, the number of deals or rounds is decided. All the players are given chips. The winner of every deal wins all the chips. The player with the highest number of chips, once the deals are all played, is the winner of the rummy online cash game. 

21 Cards Rummy

21 cards rummy is the most complex and time-consuming of all the rummy variants. The basic rules are the same as 13 cards cash rummy games. The difference is that, to win a round of 21 cards rummy, you will need to produce at least 3 pure sequences. 

There are value cards in the 21 cards rummy cash game. The card from the same suit as the Cut/Sterling joker but one rank above is the Upper Joker and the card of the rank immediately below the Cut Joker but from the same rank is the Lower Joker. All 3 can be used as joker cards and if you have all three, you can produce a marriage hand which is worth many points in a rummy online cash game.

Rummy Cash Game FAQs

Q1. What is the minimum amount with which you can start playing cash games on Rummy Baazi?

Ans. To play an online rummy cash game on RummyBaazi, you must deposit at least INR 25. But remember, the more you deposit, the more bonuses you receive.

Q2. How to add cash to the RummyBaazi account?

Ans. Crediting money to your RummyBaazi account is really simple. To play the rummy cash game, go to ‘My Account’. Click on ‘Add Cash’. Provide your personal information as requested by pop-up screens. Agree to the Terms of Service and hit ‘Submit’.  Once you are directed to the banking website, you will have to choose the amount you want to deposit, the mode of payment, and your bank. Once that’s done, you can click on ‘Add Cash’. The transaction will take place.

Q3. Is the RummyBaazi payment gateway safe to use?

Ans. RummyBaazi takes the security of your money seriously. That is why we use the most secure encoded payment gateway. We hold top security certificates to back this claim. 

Q4. How to withdraw cash from RummyBaazi?

Ans: To withdraw rummy real money won through the online rummy cash game, you will first have to get your bank details and KYC verified. Make sure you enter all the information correctly. This is for your own safety.

To withdraw your winnings, you need to ensure that you’ve made a deposit of at least INR 25. Once you’ve submitted your withdrawal request, it’ll take 24 hours for the withdrawal to be processed. The minimum amount you can withdraw in a day is INR 100. There’s no limit on how much you can withdraw in a day. However, you are only allowed 3 withdrawals a day.

Q5. Where are the cash games available on RummyBaazi?

Ans. Visit the RummyBaazi website and download the app from there. Next, create your rummy account and deposit money. Now, you will get the option to play cash rummy games on RummyBaazi. Login to the rummy cash game. Select the rummy for real money game that you want to play. Next, you’ll have to select your cash rummy table. Then confirm. That’s it!

Now, that you know a little more about real cash rummy than you did before you started reading this article, why don’t you give cash rummy a try right away? We promise you will have a blast!

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