Rummy Variations

Rummy Variations

There are around 500 different Rummy variations around the world. As Rummy is a very famous game of cards, it has been adapted by different cultures as their own, through which numerous Rummy variations came about. Rummy is an exciting game, and playing it online on RummyBaazi is a truly amazing experience because you can win real cash with your Rummy skills by playing different Rummy Variations like Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy and several others. The online version of the rummy game variations on RummyBaazi have been gaining popularity among card game fanatics as it distinguishes itself from other online games and gaming apps.

The classic Rummy has existed for two centuries and has developed globally in diverse ways, so much so that there might be, for instance, multiple varieties in one country. The objective of all these different Rummy variations is similar, but rules differ. All the varieties are basically about picking and discarding cards and grouping them in the same suits and values.

The following are the descriptions and rules of the variations in the rummy game. Some of the most popular Indian Rummy variations are explained here -

21 Card Rummy

21 Card Rummy, is one of the popular Rummy card game variations in India, is also known as the Indian Marriage and played at some major festivals. It is longer and more exciting than classic Rummy. It is similar to a 13 card Rummy, but three decks of cards are used instead of the two decks in the 13 card. The players are given 21 cards each and they must construct three decks and group the cards into valid sets and pure sequences.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a European Rummy variety and is also considered as the easiest one. It is played with a standard 52 card deck and is just a 2-player game, with each player getting ten cards, which they have to meld into sequences and sets of 3 cards.

13 Card Rummy

The 13 Card Rummy, popularly known as the Indian Rummy, is an offshoot of the Gin Rummy variation. Each player is given 13 cards to group into sequences and sets by picking and discarding them. Joker cards in this game can be used as substitutes for other cards. To declare, the players must create three or more pure or impure sequences.

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is usually played by beginners because it is the simplest and the most basic form of 13 card Rummy. It is one of the most beloved online Rummy game variations because one round of this game is pretty brief, two to three minutes to be exact. The winning player of the game is the one with the least scores by the end of the game.

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is just like Points Rummy but with a predetermined number of deals. Initially, the players get an equal amount of chips but have to give them away to the winning player after each deal. After all the deals, the player that gets the most chips is declared the winner.

Pool Rummy

In Pool Rummy variation, the players pool in their money to play. This game has two versions of its own, which are the 101 pool rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. Pool Rummy is similar to Points Rummy, where there's just one winner and the rest are eliminated once they receive 101 or 201 points, based on whichever version they are playing.

Marriage Rummy

Marriage Rummy, a card game popular in countries like Nepal, India and Bhutan, is usually played between 5 players, with Wild Jokers and no printed Jokers. The players get 21 cards each and their combinations, sequences and sets must be made up of 3 cards only.

Kalooki Rummy

Kalooki Rummy, a popular Rummy variation in Jamaica, is played with a maximum of 8 players. The number of players present at the table decide the number of decks they use to play. Kalooki is played for nine deals and players have to lay all their cards down at the end of each deal. The winner is the one who gets the lowest points after all the deals are played. The joker and ace cards carry the most points in this game.

Dummy Rummy

Dummy Rummy emerged in the United States and is played with at least four players. There are different dummy rummy variations. The players get 13 cards initially. They have to group them into sets and sequences and get rid of all the cards they have to win. Players have to deal with 108 cards and group them in 12 possible combinations.

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