Rummy Tournaments Online: Complete Guide

Rummy is a classical card game that has been in vogue in India for almost a century now. The version played in India is actually an amalgamation of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy and without a doubt even more thrilling than the two forms from which it has descended.

Ever since the onset of the internet era when games went online, the appeal of rummy has increased manifold. No wonder really, because playing rummy online is much more convenient than the traditional way. Other than the perk of playing whenever you want and wherever you are, another factor that works in favor of online rummy is the opportunity to participate in rummy tournaments.

Want to end the boredom of a long weekend or can’t think of a fun way to spend your spare time? Sign up for a rummy tournament and infuse your life with a shot of thrill and excitement.

What are Rummy Tournaments?

Simply put, rummy tournaments are a series of rummy matches where players are eliminated until there is only one left who emerges as the champion of the tournament. An online rummy tournament is a multi-player multi-table card game.

Are Rummy Tournaments Different from Rummy Cash Games?

Even though both rummy cash games and tournaments give you the scope to win lots of money, the structure is quite different. Cash games are one-off matches. You join a table, you play the game, and the person who is able to arrange his/her cards into a valid show before everyone else wins the game and the prize amount. It ends there.

An online rummy tournament on the other hand doesn’t end with the end of a game. There will be several tables where rummy will be played simultaneously. Every table will play a fixed number of deals. Tables will merge as the tournament proceeds until there is only one table left. Each table will have to finish the fixed number of deals. Even if other tables have already completed theirs, they will have to wait until the table that was lagging behind finishes its quota.

Another difference between a cash rummy game and an online rummy tournament is that for cash games, you will always have to pay an entry fee. When it comes to rummy tournaments online, the buy-in is not always mandatory. You can join certain tournaments free of cost.

But most importantly, rummy tournaments tend to run for a longer duration than cash games due to the structure of the online rummy tournament. That is why tournaments are usually organized during the weekends or festive seasons so that participants can make time to play many rounds.

A Few Important Notes on Rummy Tournaments

There are a few vital aspects of rummy tournaments that everyone new to rummy should know -

The Most Common Forms of Rummy Tournaments

Every rummy website or app has its own selection criteria for tournaments. But two forms of the online rummy tournament are common to all rummy platforms-

Free Rummy Tournaments

A free rummy tournament or a freeroll online rummy tournament is one where no buy-in or entry fee is necessary. You can join for free. Most rummy websites host a free rummy tournament every now or then. Such tournaments are a win-win for everyone. A free rummy tournament is perfect for the newbies who still haven’t mastered the game or the structure. They can participate and play without losing any money. Yet, there are cash rewards to be won from a free rummy tournament! It also helps the website by making it more popular. 

On certain rummy websites, a free rummy tournament is run as a satellite tournament alongside a major tournament and a player can earn a ticket to the finals of the big tournament by winning the free tournament. 

The free rummy tournament is also called a promotional tournament on certain websites. It can continue for days, even as long as a month.

Cash Rummy Tournaments

To enter cash rummy tournaments online, you will have to pay an entry fee. The higher the buy-in, the larger will be the cash reward to be won. Popular rummy websites and apps host multiple cash rummy tournaments every month. The buy-in varies from one tournament to another. This gives you the opportunity to pick the right tournament based on your skill and will to spend.

How can you Participate in a Rummy Tournament?

To participate in an online rummy tournament, you will have to visit a rummy website or download rummy app. Before tournaments commence, the news is published on the website or the app. This gives you ample time to sign up for the online rummy tournament. Just make sure that you read all the tournament rules and regulations carefully before you register.

How can you Win an Online Rummy Tournament?

Rummy is a challenging game and tournaments are more difficult to win than individual cash games. So what you need to do is become a pro rummy player before you can even think of winning a tournament. Play as many free rummy games as possible. This will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the card game and how to find your way out of any difficult scenario. Then enter free rummy tournaments. This serves as more practice and familiarizes you with the structure and pattern of tournaments– all without costing you money. 

Stick to a schedule. If you are planning on signing up for a tournament next month, then practice for 2-3 hours every day. It keeps you in rhythm and form.

Master some of the most basic rummy tips and strategies – how to use joker cards, getting rid of the unmatched high-value cards, forming the pure sequences first, etc. Come up with your own signature strategies with loads of practice. 

So there you have it, a comprehensive explanation of what rummy tournaments online are. Now all you have to do is visit RummyBaazi and enter tournaments. On this rummy platform you can take your pick amongst these tournaments – free entry tournaments, depositors free entry tournaments (enter free tournaments after making a deposit), cash tournaments, re-buy cash tournaments (you can re-enter a game even after crashing with a fresh fee or buy-in), reward point cash tournaments (you can utilize the reward points awarded to you when you play cash rummy to fund your entry-fee). Exciting times await you on RummyBaazi!

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