Rummy Tournament Rules


Rummy is a simple game of cards where you try to improve the hand that you're originally dealt. The popularity of the game in India pushed it to make its debut in the online gaming world and it turned out to be a very smart move. On RummyBaazi, now you can play online rummy tournaments and enjoy a whole new world of fun, competition and camaraderie with a nationwide pool of rummy lovers. Fortunately, the rummy tournament rules are pretty basic and, we shall lay them neatly so that you can get started right after you are done reading!

Rummy Tournament Rules: Basic Things You Should Know

You can play online rummy with at least 2 players and the number may go up as high as 8 or 9 depending on the number of allotted seats on a table (You will need a second deck of cards if the players are six or more than six). You can add scores if you wish to play an exciting game or play for real money.

However, playing rummy tournaments online is more interesting than playing simple rummy game. So, learn the rummy tournament rules and start playing to rev up the competition and win big on RummyBaazi.


Every registered rummy player who has a verified user account on the rummy app is eligible to play free and money tournaments. So, let’s check out the rules and get started, shall we?

There are different type of online rummy tournaments running on RummyBaazi to expand the palette of flavours in your favorite game:

1. Free Entry Tournaments

Free Entry tournaments require no registration fee. You can play these tournaments for free and win Real Chip Bonus (RCB) that you can later use to play cash games on RummyBaazi for free. These online rummy tournaments are introduced for beginners to offer them a free platform to learn the rummy tournament rules and acquaint themselves with the competition online.

2. Depositor Freerolls

These are one of the most popular tournaments on RummyBaazi. The specific rummy tournament rules of this format make them stand out. Players must make a minimum deposit on their RummyBaazi account to get a free ticket to these tournaments. The deposit money can be later used to play more cash games and rummy tournaments online on RummyBaazi. The deposit amount also varies from game to game.

3. Knockout Tournaments

On RummyBaazi, you will find a third new tournament type, the Knockout. Knockout tournaments feature special rummy tournament rules because they are your single shot to glory. Once an opponent is knocked out of the game, he/she can’t re-enter. So, every time you knock out one opponent, you are one step closer to claim a bigger share of the prize pool.

4. Reward Points Tournaments

These are yet another special kind exclusive to RummyBaazi. Players on our platform can use Reward Points that you can earn for free on the cash tables to enter these tournaments without spending any money from your pocket. Prizes won in these online rummy tournaments are in the form of real cash.

Scoring in Rummy Tournaments

The players have to note the scorings as it leads to victory or defeat in online rummy tournaments. When the opponent goes out, the score is noted for that round, and all idle cards in the losing player’s hands reflect as penalty points in the scoreboard.

Face values are added for number cards, therefore card numbered 7 will carry 7 points and Face cards such as Ace, King, Queen and Jacks are worth 10 points each.

A player is thus advised to stay away from high value cards or meld them before someone else declares their game first to save himself/herself from high scores. However, scoring may differ according to which type of tournament you choose.

Winning Real Money in RummyBaazi’s Rummy Tournaments

At RummyBaazi, you can play an amazing variety of online rummy tournaments that feature unique gameplay and offer exciting rewards and cash prizes. The stakes start at the very bottom and the winnings go the extra mile. So, explore this brave new world of online rummy lovers and apply your passion to enjoy real time winnings. All the best!

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