Rummy Pure Sequence

Rummy Pure Sequence - How to Play Rummy Online?


Rummy is India’s oldest and classic card game enjoyed by thousands of people for decades. Sequence Rummy is a skill-based card game with an online version to make real money in India. A grasp of Rummy card sequence and a thorough understanding of Rummy sequence rules can help you win the game easily.

Rummy pure sequence is the simplest way to make a decisive action for a valid declaration. Rummy card sequence is an elite game with basic rules that mostly relate to pure sequence or common suit. Players can now enjoy Rummy Game sequence online and earn BIG winnings with a clean tactical play. This special feature is a characteristic typical of 13 card rummy games played in India.

The Objective of Rummy Sequence

Whether you opt for the free games or the cash games, the winning streak remains the same. The player who groups all 13 cards into a Rummy card sequence and sets can win the game. Creating at least one Rummy pure sequence and one valid set is mandatory in all 13 card games. It means one Rummy pure sequence and one impure Rummy Game sequence makes for a valid declaration and help you to win the game.

Set Up of Rummy Sequence

Four to six players can play Rummy card sequence games online or offline. It follows the Rummy sequence list to win this game of analytical skill and mathematical calculations. A normal 52-Cards Standard Deck is used to play the 13 card Rummy Game sequences.


Rummy Sequence Rules

Rummy sequence rules are quite simple and easy to understand.

How to Play Rummy Card Sequence?

Deal - Rummy Sequence game is played with a 52 cards deck, and every player receives 13 cards from the deck. Leftover undealt cards are called ‘Stock’ and placed as face down to form a Rummy card sequence for the players. There is yet another discard pile as per Rummy sequence rules so that players can discard their unwanted cards.

Melds - As mentioned above, melds are the probabilities of making Rummy sequence in the game. It can either be in the form of sets or Rummy card sequences. The set refers to 3 cards of the same card rank and different suits such as 3♥-3♦-3♠. The Rummy card sequence includes 3 consecutive cards from the same suit, such as 2♥-3♥-4♥-5♥.

The Joker card holds its importance in the Rummy Game sequence and is presented through any random card to form a meld but the numbers of such wilds are decided before the game as per Rummy sequence rules.

Now, let's understand the important aspects of how to play the Rummy card sequence game.

Rummy is a game of mental exercise. The player strives to form combinations of consecutive or same rank values and create sets, impure or Rummy pure sequence in order to win.

Show - It is an integral part of the Rummy sequence 13 card game when the player displays the combination of cards declared by him/her. A player in a sequence Rummy Card Game needs to segregate their cards in a minimum of two melds. Rummy players need to show spontaneity in working on their melds, creating a Rummy sequence and declaring the hands to proceed for validation.

Scoring - As per the Rummy sequence rules, the player with a successful show gets zero points. Actual rewards are availed for sequence Rummy Card Game when players put up open cards that cannot be resulted in a valid set or the sequence. Making the opponent lose could help you score 0 penalty points in the game.

What Does Rummy Pure Sequence Mean?

Rummy is a game of intriguing combinations, and you can form a Rummy pure sequence with 3 or more consecutive cards having the same suit. For a Rummy pure sequence, players need to group the card ranks of different or same suit such as – 2,3,4,5 of spades or 5h-6s-7d-8c. Wild or imprinted jokers cannot be part of the Rummy pure sequence as per the rules.

How to Make Pure Sequence in Rummy?

Sequence Rummy Card Game comprises pure and impure sequence. Without a minimum of one Rummy pure sequence, you cannot win the game. To form this type of Rummy card sequence, players need to make groups of 3 or 4 consecutive cards in the same or different suits.

Both these Rummy Game sequence have no jokers or wild cards in them.

Strategies to Win Sequence Rummy Card Game!


Rummy is a very rewarding game provided you seek skills such as psychology, mental stability and self-confidence. The above stated Rummy sequence rules can acquaint you with tips to outsmart the opponents. Remember that the Rummy sequence 13 card game is based on honesty and integrity.

It teaches you some real-life lessons, such as facing the odds piled up in your life and yet retain your dignity and values. While playing sequence Rummy Card Game online, decision-making is a crucial thing that could give you unimaginable rewards within a short span easily!

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Q. What are the sets in Rummy?

A. Set in Rummy Card Game includes 3 to 4 cards with the same value but in different suits. It also includes jokers, and an essential part is to arrange all cards in a valid set. Players making the sets also need to make at least one Rummy pure sequence for winning the game.

Q. How do you declare Rummy?

A. For declaring Rummy, the player should not meld or lay off any card earlier during the hand. If any player follows the discard rule, they also need to discard when melding completes. Declaring Rummy is mid of the sequence Rummy Card Game skips the player out for that hand. Also, that specific hand goes dead. Play 13 card rummy games on RummyBaazi on RummyBaazi and win BIG daily.

Q. What is the Diamond sequence in Rummy?

A. In a classic Rummy Game, the Rummy pure sequence refers to 3 or more cards from the same rank. Diamond Rummy sequence means the consecutive value cards having the diamond suit. Visit to get free video tutorials on the Rummy Game sequence.

Q. How do you arrange cards in Rummy?

A. To win a Rummy sequence game, cards are arranged either in sets or sequences. As per the Rummy sequence list, the consecutive cards of different or same suits can form sequences. Or players can also consider wild jokers or the imprinted ones to form an impure sequence.

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