Why reserve just the weekends for fun?

Don’t wait for the weekends to claim big winnings. Play Wednesday 50K GTD tourney at 8 PM & get your share from the prize pool of 50K, every Wednesday. Isn’t that amazing?

Want to know How to Play?

  • 1. You can register for the Midweek tournament with a buy-in of ₹250 only.
    Note: Register at least 1 hour before to secure the seat for seamless gaming.

  • 2. You can now also win a FREE ticket. That’s right! Just deposit ₹1000 using code: “WED50K”.
    Tip: Want to increase your chances of winning the game? You can follow us on Facebook & Instagram to learn about some unique rummy tips and tricks. By doing so, you will gain an upper hand in the games & may emerge as a winner.


Joining Bonus: Get Rs. 10000 Free
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