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Current & Upcoming Offers on RummyBaazi

RummyBaazi is your place to learn and play Indianrummy online with a lot of player-centric advantages. We know of your passion for the game and are here to power it up with a lot of current and upcoming offers today. They are primarily spread across our class-leading ‘Refer A Friend’ incentives and ‘Free Entry Tournaments’(or free rummy tournaments), and they are here to make your online gaming a lot more fun than it is now!

Earn Money by Referring YourFriends

Rummy is twice the fun with friends and family.

At RummyBaazi, we appreciate your friendship and your passion for gaming. We also know that nothing brings you closer to happiness than sharing your love for the game and win together. This is exactly why we are welcoming you with our exclusive 'Refer A Friend' (RAF) incentive that offers a Hulk-sized referral bonus of INR 30,000 per month!

This current promotion is here to bring you closer to your game and friends. Here’s just how you can build your game up and win BIG with every referral!

• You can get started by downloading the all-new RummyBaazi app for your iPhone or Android phone.

• You can refer your friend by using the unique referral link from your profile. You may forward this code by instant messaging apps or via email.

• You and your friend would get a flatLocked Bonus of 1500 each, after the latter has successfully registered and validated his profile on our portal.

• Please make a deposit to start playing your first game online together.

• You may use any of the best rummy promo codes, as offered by us from time to time, to maximize your gaming advantage on a daily basis.

We’ll keep you posted about the disbursal of your referral bonus in real-time through personalized email alerts every time your RAF Bonus is disbursed.

We also recommend that you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with all our current and upcoming promotionsin real-time.With so much and a lot more to enjoy, it’s time you choose to play online rummy with friends and family on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website!

Terms and Conditions:

• Please note that the bonus would be released only after KYC of both referrer and recipient is approved.

• This bonus would be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of crediting.

• This online rummy bonus would be released inon wagering INR 150 in an online game.

Play inour Free Entry Tournamentsand win BIG!

Being the best at rummy is a lifelong journey. But here’s the fun part- you can get started today, and that too for free!

Rummy is a skill-based game that relies on several core concepts on Mathematics, Reverse Psychology, Game Theory and Theory of Probability. This seconds a superset of interpersonal skills like emotional stability, rapid analysis andsharper instincts. However, you don’t exactly need to be a Mathematician to be better at this gamebecause there is an easier way ahead.

These are called RummyBaazi’s Free Entry Tournaments (or FETs).

Playing these free online gamesis indeed the best way to learn this card game from zero. RummyBaazi offers you straight-line access between your curiosity and passion for the game with its bi-hourly Free Entry Tournaments that come with a four-figure guaranteed prize pool. You can get started with them after you are through with the basics of 'how to play rummy online' and are now focusing on ways to leverage your knowledge in practical terms.

As you a step up the ladder by playing these FETs, you would be better equipped to take on the challenges of online gaming on a daily basis. Here are a few simple reasons as to why you should choose to get started with this zero-risk variant to build your game up:

• Playing these FETswould help you understand the game practically.

• You can understand and apply the basics in real-life scenarios.

• A few days down the line, you can increase your current speed and make it your “gaming style.”

• These free online rummy games would help you craft better strategies over time.

• You would be playing against new players and you could learn something from them as well.

• You can choose from a large number of games available online on our portal.

• You can play ‘on the go’ with the RB app to improve your game continuously.

• You can always upgrade to online cash gameswhen you are confident enough.

Most importantly, you can use your winnings of FETs to play Cash Games on our portal. It means that you would always be one step ahead with the game, thanks to your sharpened complex problem-solving skills and dealing with unexpected consequences.You would be able to quantify your progress in monetary terms with our Cash Games on a daily basis.

You would only need to signup and validate your gaming account with us, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Terms and Conditions:

• You would need to deposit a minimum token amount at least once before playing FETs on our portal.

Freeroll Rummy Tournaments

We invite you to download our app and play our 'Free Entry Tournaments'. Our free-of-cost online rummy tournamentscome with an attractive four-figure prize pool every day. It means that you can simply choose the game you’d like to play in and then get started with your best shot whenever you want.

The best thing with our free online rummy games is that you would always be a winner, no matter whether you win or lose. It is so because these games would teach you a lot about gaming on a regular basis and as you go up the ladder, you would only better your game. You can form better strategies, make faster moves and even get some virtual money in your account- all at zero risk.

Persisting with RB’sFree Entry Tournaments would also put you at or above par with other like-minded new players. You may also claim your winnings to play rummy online for cash to go a level up in the game.

Please note: You might need to make a deposit in your RB gaming account before you start playing online Freerolls.

Practice Games

You may also try our exclusive Practice Games to learn playing online rummy games for free.Available in our app, they come with zero-risk. You may win play money from them to quantify your progress in the game. They do not require a deposit at any stage.

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