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A three-tier approach

We offer you a safe, secure and trusted online gaming platform to play online rummy card games but that’s just one aspect of it. We focally serve a comprehensive and delightful customer experience across the following three crucial distinguishing segments:

1. Signup Bonus Code and Deposit Code

2. Refer a Friend

3. Loyalty Program (Baazi Rewards)

We shall reward you for not just winning, but also for playing with passion (even if you don’t always win).

You also win BIG on the following three phases:

1. Every time you deposit.

2. Every time you play.

3. Highest possible returns for your passion. Every Single Time.

rummybaazi bonus offer deposits offer refer a friend Baazi Rewards_RummyBaazi

That’s how the cookie crumbles!

You get to win BIG at every stage of the game; right from the Signup to the Cash Out phase- and here’s a sneak peek into how we’ll do it. We have segregated our core offerings in three stages (Signup, Play, and Loyalty Rewards) and they all come with their own set of goodies waiting for you to claim.

Phase 1: Signup
Signup on RummyBaazi gets you 50 RC Promo Chips

Choosing to play on RummyBaazi is like sitting on a goldmine.

• Start off by entering your Name, Email Address and Mobile Number here.

• Get your Email Address and Phone Number verified to create an account.

• A Signup Bonus of 25* Real Cash Promo Chips will be credited to your account.

• Voila! You are all set to play rummy on India’s Most Rewarding Website now.

Phase 2: Start playing

We’re the goldmine. You’re the shaft.

• Fuel your passion through our Welcome Bonus of 3000.

• The Welcome Bonus comes with a very relaxed and player-centric withdraw criterion.

• The released bonus can be directly withdrawn.

It is mighty simple and easy to get through it. The Welcome Bonus is essentially a First Deposit Code that would be valid only for the first deposit that you’d make with us using the code.

Phase 3: Win BIG

You win it, you keep it!

a.) VIP Levels

• There are five VIP Levels that you can unlock by continuing to play on RummyBaazi.

• You start with the default level of Bronze with 0 points and these levels go all the way up to Platinum Level with 50000 coins.

• You can progress on your own terms since there is no expiry of VIP Points (coins).

• We would ping you on your registered email id so that you do not forget it.

b.) Feeling alone? Get your friends here!

• Rummy is twice the fun with friends and family. We are making it more rewarding though!

• You would get a Bonus of INR 1500 for your friend and yourself.

• It can be used in 100 parts of INR 15 each by wagering a nominal amount of INR 150.

Loyalty Rewards Program or Baazi Rewards with a top prize of nearly INR 2LAC

Here’s a unique Loyalty Rewards Program that pays you for your passion for the game. With Baazi Rewards , you would win BIG with us every single time you play even if you do not necessarily win every game!

Baazi Rewards_RummyBaazi

• Every Cash Game with a buy-in of INR 100 would entail a 1 Reward Point and 15 coins.

• These Reward Points are redeemable.

• You start at Level 0 with 0 Reward Points and you can reach Level 1 with just 2 Reward Points in your kitty.

•You can go up to the highest, Level 24, with a Reward Point count of 50000. Reaching this level would put you next to some top rewards worth nearly INR 2LAC. Isn’t that worth a deal?

Please note that you would need to play at least one Cash Game in two months to be and remain eligible for the Baazi Rewards.

Terms and Conditions

We are hereby providing our standard set of Terms and Conditions for the aforementioned RummyBaazi Promotions. The following points shall also cover all fields marked in asterisk (*) above:

• Signup: Please note that the Signup Bonus is a type of Instant Cash Chips and is non-withdrawable.

• Start playing: You can unlock the Welcome Bonus in chunks of 15 whenever you play games worth 150. For e.g., a bonus of 3k would be released in chunks of 15 each when an amount of 150 is wagered.

• You should use this Bonus in 30 days, or else it is gone forever!

• The released Bonus will be in the form of Real Cash Withdrawable Chips.

• First Come, First Serve Basis: There might be instances wherein a Player receives multiple Bonuses pertaining to different criteria successively. In such a case, the bonus would be used or exhausted in the exact chronological order of which they were credited.

• Any Locked Bonus in Baazi Rewards will be released at a rate of 4% and it will have an expiry period of 30 days. All Locked Bonuses shall be capped at a 4% release rate. In other words, you can avail INR 4 on wagering INR 100 but you would need to use this online rummy promotions code (or Bonus) in 30 days from the date of its release.

• VIP Levels: You can progress or even continue to be in your current level, provided you play at least one Cash Game in two months. The same is true for your VIP Coins and any Reward Points that you have won during the progress so far.

• Deposit Bonus: You would need to wager at least INR 100 to release them and from there on, it’s a joyride. You can keep on using them several hundred or thousand times in chunks of four rupees per instance.

• The Bonus expires in 5 days from the date of its release.

• Referral Bonus: The deal expires in 30 days from the day of referral. And it is Locked Bonus.

Please note that both you and your friend need to have their KYC approved for the bonus to be released.

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