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How Baazi Rewards Work?

How do Baazi Rewards work?

RummyBaazi is fueled by its players passion and is constantly on a lookout to find ways to make their gaming experiences more fun online. To further delight you with its gaming services, RB comes empowered by a class-leading system of Loyalty Rewards Program called Baazi Rewards. This is your space to know what it should mean to you and how you stand to be benefited immensely from it.

RummyBaazi’s Baazi Rewards mark a paradigm shift from the customary rummy rewards programs that you’d find elsewhere. It is so because it rewards you not for the result that you achieve in a certain game but rather for the passion that you played it with. It comes with lifetime validity, thus allowing you so much more time to focus on your game and win BIG.


This is how it works!

This is your space to know 'how to get reward points at RummyBaazi.' RB offers a full spectrum of exciting rewards amounting to INR 4LAC and we are taking this space to explain how you can win them all with your passion for the game.

1. Baazi Rewards features several different levels that together host grand prizes.

2. Each level can be unlocked by accumulating a minimum number of Reward Points that you could win from playing cash games on RB’s gaming platforms.

3. As and when you have scored enough Reward Points for a certain level, you become eligible to open that level and claim the rewards in it.

4. You can either target one level at a time or accumulate your coins to unlock a much higher level after a few more games. It is completely your choice to take the route you prefer to win the reward of your choice.

There are 20 Reward Levels in all. The lowest starts with 0 Reward Points and is placed at Reward Level 0. The highest level is Reward Level 20 and it comes at an expense of 50000 Reward Points. The top level, as you can understand, would get you on top of the show with rewards worth INR 2LAC in your kitty!


Terms and conditions for Baazi Rewards

We have designed our amazing reward structure to help you win as youplay rummy online on our platforms, every single time.

• Playing in a Cash Game with a Buy-In of INR 100 is worth 1 Reward Point (RP) and 15 RB Coins.

• Please note that any/all Locked Bonus in Baazi Rewards will be released at a fixed rate and the same will have an expiry period of 30 days.

• With regards to the VIP Levels in Baazi Rewards, you would be required to play at least one Cash Game in two months. This principle extends without exception to the VIP Coins and Reward Points that you might have accumulated during this time.

• All Reward Points are redeemable. Please note that 50% of the Reward Points shall expire if the player has not played any Cash Game for 2 consecutive calendar months.

• RB Coins are non-redeemable.

• A player can only cash-in any of the Baazi Rewards after accumulating and exchanging the minimum number of Reward Points for the same.

• You can claim only one Level once per calendar month (or 30 consecutive days).

• Priority of the release of different types of locked bonuses shall follow this order at all times: Welcome bonus >> RAF >> Deposit bonus >> Baazi Reward Bonuses.

• Our exciting Baazi Rewards must have got you thrilled! We thus advise you to visit our Download page now. Should you have any questions, you know we’re listening. Please follow our FAQ to read more or contact our Customer Support today

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