Know your limits. Don’t overindulge. Play rummy online responsibly.

Responsible Gaming

At RummyBaazi, it is our constant endeavor to help you play rummy games responsibly. We are a popular online gaming platformand an accountable gaming site because we conduct all our online rummy games fairly in a safe and secure environment. We also consider it our duty to protect our players from some unwarranted or adverse consequences that might result from playing rummy in an inappropriate manner over a considerable length of time.

Please note that we stringently monitor and observe the activities of all our players and reserve a right to expel them in case we find them using any unfair means. We also advise them against developing any form of obsessive and/or compulsive behavior with regards to online rummy gaming. Should we detect anything along these lines, we alert them.

Being a responsible rummy gaming service provider in India, we have placed the following precautionary measures:

• We restrict players less than 18 years to create a new account on our platform.

• We prohibit players less than 18 years to play cash rummy games (or ‘rummy for cash’ games) on our platform.

• We undertake round-the-clock monitoring of all our online rummy games to detect inappropriate or unfair gaming practices.

• We employ anti-collusion techniques during all our online rummy games at all times.

• We comply with Indian Laws to safeguard all players’ personal and financial information with a high-level encryption security software.

• We offer limits on players’ online cash deposits and withdrawal amounts to discourage obsession in any form.

Tips on Responsible Gaming while playing rummy

We advise you to:

• Treat rummy just as you would treat any other game of your choice. We respect your passion.

• Understand that your passion for the game should not affect your daily activities.

• Keep a track of the total time you spend playing online rummy games on our platform or anywhere else.

• Stay away from any compulsive or obsessive behavior, or addiction to rummy.

• Maintain your budget carefully and play well within your financial limits.

• Approach the game from an optimistic viewpoint.

The following are the postulates based on which we offer our popular rummy gaming services. We advise you go through them because we appreciate you playing rummy responsibly on our gaming platforms.

1. Age Verification

You need to be 18 years of age or older to start playing rummy in India. Any underage player who has provided dishonest or inaccurate information regarding their natural age to us on any of our gaming platforms (website, software or app) may have all his/her winnings forfeited and might face criminal prosecution.

2. Setting limits on your real money deposits

We recommend you manage your budget sensibly and on your own. We allow you to restrict your weekly and/or monthly real money deposit limits. Of course, these limits may be no higher than the ones we already have placed on your account.

3. Fraudulent and criminal behavior

Registered players suspected of collusion are, without any notification, blocked from playing games at the same table on our website with immediate effect. Please note that we do not authorize two people from the same IP address to play on the same table to ensure responsible rummy gaming.

We also implement stringent anti-money laundering policies and procedures, as required by law enforcement agencies.

4. Prompt and accurate customer payments

When players are playing online games at our portal, we ensure that all financial payments and transactions made through our customers’ accounts are conducted according to a secure and documented process in an accurate and timely manner.

Please note that we have dedicated platforms to manage our customer funds and that these platforms have sufficient cleared funds to pay all player prizes, wins another outstanding balances at all times.

5. Fair and certified code

We employ a fair and certified code of conduct to ensure fair gaming at all times.

We, as a company, are not responsible for the random shuffling of the cards during and after every hand. We have engaged a responsible and reputed third-party vendor to verify and certify the process of the same.

Also, this authorized third party is genuinely certified by a competent organization as per international rules and norms. We use an algorithm called Public Domain PRNG Algorithm for our gaming applications and it is verified by BMM Testlabs.

6. TDS Policy

TDS would be deducted at source for the time being as per INCOME TAX ACT 1961. We have a dedicated page to elucidate our common Tax Policy for all our players and you can find it here.

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