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Do you know what the best thing with online rummy is? It is twice the fun with friends and family.

At RummyBaazi, we offer you a straightforward chance to get started on a winning note, even before you start playing with your friends. We call it our ‘Refer A Friend’ incentive and it is just the thing to get your online gaming experience on nitro-boosters!

We have adopted a simple, three-step process for the same. This dedicated webpage is here to show you the place around and to help you make a decision wisely.

Getting your RummyBaazi Referral Code is as easy as 1-2-3!

Please follow this three-step process to claim your unique rummy referral bonus code:

1. You get a unique Referral Code as and when you signup and successfully verify your KYC with us.

2. You may send this code via SMS, e-mail or instant messaging service to your friends and family members who’d be willing to play online rummy with you.

3. Please note that you get INR 1500 as Flat Locked Bonus for yourself per successful referral. Each of your referred friends would also get INR 1500.

How to go about it?

1. You can find your unique referral code or link in your RB profile.

2. We ask you not to send any unsolicited requests or spam messages to anyone who isn’t interested.

3. The KYCs of both you and your friend must be verified and approved by us.

4. This Flat Locked Bonus (for you and your friend) can be released in chunks of INR 15 on wagering INR 150 on a cash table.

(Simply put, our unique play rummy referral code can be used in 100 parts of INR 15 each by wagering a nominal amount of INR 150 on a cash table).

5. This referral code shall have an expiry date of 30 days from the date of successful referral.

We will also keep you posted about your referral bonuses. You would receive email alerts on your registered ID at every time your bonus is disbursed. We would also ping a few days before your bonus is scheduled to expire.

We’re sure this would have made you more excited than ever. Guess what, we’re also ready to offer you an awesome online gaming experience!

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