Online Cash Games

Online Cash Games

Playing online games has become quite a trend as well as a fun pastime for many. For many people, playing online games can become a source of earning cash as well. Those who play online games to earn money know that online cash earning games can be a highly profitable pastime that can both relax as well as stimulate your brain. There are different types of online cash games, mostly in the form of board and card games, that players can join into and win real cash. At RummyBaazi, you can join this huge group of people who regularly play online card games like Rummy and Poker for real cash. Being in a highly competitive environment, playing with dexterity and intelligent strategies becomes quite a challenge when you play such online card games. With a good amount of practice, you can easily engage in such online card games to earn money in your free time.

Rummy Online Cash Games

Rummy is a skill-based game that is easy to master, and many Indians play this challenging card game to win real cash on RummyBaazi. With the rise of this online gaming trend, online rummy has quickly become one of the most popular forms of online cash games. Since the game of rummy can be played in several different styles with even more types of variations in each style, most portals of online cash earning games feature the different forms of rummy like 13 cards rummy and 21 cards rummy. Players who are well-versed with the rules and strategies of this game usually prefer to play such cash winning games and rummy tournaments. Even for beginners, playing a game of online rummy, either in the points rummy, deals rummy or pool rummy variant, can be quite a rewarding experience. This is why online rummy games with real money have grown to become such a popular form of entertainment as well as income for many players.

The Stigma of Online Cash Games

It has been said by many that these types of card games where players can play and win real cash quickly become addictive given a sufficient win streak. Such online card games like rummy and poker where players buy-in with real money and leave the game either richer or poorer have been linked to unhealthy trends of gambling. Thus, there has been a significant social stigma against online card games that involve real money. So, let us look deeper into this social issue to understand whether online cash games like rummy can indeed be classified as gambling and betting.

According to law, any type of game that is completely skill-based and winning which is not dependent merely on luck cannot be considered gambling. In this context, an online game of rummy where players buy-in with real cash, play with skill and dexterity and win cash prizes cannot be considered gambling or betting. After knowing such details, it can help to do away with the existing stigma that an online real cash game of rummy is a kind of gambling or betting.

To put it simply, playing online earning games like rummy is nothing different from playing other online games like action, adventure or sports games and winning real cash. It is, therefore, a field of e-sports and not gambling or betting.

The Legalities of Online Cash Games

Since the Supreme Court of India has ruled all types of skill-based games like rummy as perfectly legal, you can rest assured that your time spent at RummyBaazi is perfectly safe and legal. Moreover, the cash you earn from these types of games with real money is legal for you to keep and spend as you wish. As discussed earlier, real cash games like online rummy are not considered gambling, it can be said you will, in no way, face any type of legal consequences when playing online rummy in a fair and square manner.

Coming to the legal technicalities, online earning games like rummy are protected by the Indian constitution under Article 19[1](g), which states that you are free to practice or carry out any profession or means of income of your choice under reasonable restrictions. These restrictions are, however, pertaining to other heinous criminal offences that may result out of your professional practice. This is one of the main reasons why many Indians have taken to online card games like rummy as a regular source of income.

Playing rummy games to win real money has been time and again proven by the Supreme Court as not being an illegal activity both in 1968 and 1996 as per the rulings. Since the Supreme Court in its 1996 rulings has specifically said that,

“A competition where the chances of winning depend significantly on skill and not luck cannot be termed as gambling and is considered legal.”

Can Playing Rummy with Real Cash Become an Addiction?

Any kind of game, whether online or offline, can become an addiction if done uncontrollably. This is true for not only games but consuming different types of food or beverages as well. Therefore, the answer to the question as to whether online cash games like rummy can become an addiction is obviously yes. However, online gaming sites like RummyBaazi, which are trusted portals for serious professionals as well as leisure amateur rummy players, have some strict monitoring systems to prevent players from getting addicted.

To play an online real cash game, players need to be above 18 years of age. Moreover, to prevent any sort of addiction, you can place limits on your monthly or weekly deposits so that you play real cash games of online rummy within your budget and capabilities. Furthermore, RummyBaazi adds to this by setting deposit limits on each account individually to prevent any kind of addiction when playing rummy. Chasing after losses on the same table of online rummy, hiding your habit of over-playing, keeping on spending money even after too many losses, and finding it hard to resist quitting the game are all tell-tale signs of addiction to real cash games. Most online rummy gaming portals like RummyBaazi tend to notice these behaviours in your gameplay and issue alert notices to warn you of developing an addiction.

The Bright Side of Rummy Games with Real Money

Playing online cash rummy games has several advantages. Since it has been confirmed that playing online games for money is perfectly legal within India, players from all across the country have taken up playing online rummy in its several variants. The 13 cards rummy is arguably the most popular rummy variant and features the maximum number of players who are both professional and amateur. Moreover, online rummy cash games have been proven as skill-based and therefore are not gambling or betting, making them one of the most favourite and healthy pastime of Indians. Let us now take a look at some of the health and wealth benefits of playing online rummy to win real cash.

Mathematical Prowess: By playing online rummy with real money, players are determined to win and this encourages them to deploy highly advanced mathematical skills like arithmetic and probability. Players need to constantly keep a count on their points during the game of rummy since losing or gaining a single point means you lose or win real cash. Beginners in online rummy can also develop their mathematical skills by practising, and once they are adept enough, they can also play rummy online games to earn money.

Advanced Financial Management: Since online rummy cash games are associated with investing real money with buy-ins for each rummy game, the intensely competitive environment of the game empowers players to become better manage their finances even in real life. Knowing when to deposit real money, when to keep playing on, and when to drop from a rummy game to save your earnings is an important skill in financial management which most rummy players develop after playing such online earning games.

Agile Decision Making: Along with a keen power of observation and memory, online rummy cash games also need spontaneous decision-making skills to win. Proper strategies need to be used in this game, and for that, players need to be able to make quick decisions that can undermine their opponents’ moves. Moreover, when playing such an online real cash game, players need to keep changing their strategies and make extremely quick decisions within a tie-bound game.

Develop Self-confidence: A high level of self-confidence and self-conviction develops in players of online rummy. When players use real money to play online rummy and go on winning streaks, it greatly boosts their levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. Strategies when playing online rummy with real cash need to be dynamic, and players need to execute them with self-confidence to gain an edge over their opponents.

Heighten Concentration Levels: Since rummy is a purely skill-based game, it requires a high level of concentration and dedication to win several games in a row. It is not a game that can be played while multitasking. Moreover, when playing online cash games of rummy, a higher level of concentration and focus is needed not only to keep a watch on your cards but also on the cards the opponents discard or pick up. Playing repeated games of rummy can help players to increase their levels of concentration which may help out in other daily life activities as well.

Unwind and Relax: Playing Indian rummy has often been associated with more of a leisure past-time than a serious way of earning real cash. Although, people who earn real money online by playing rummy consider it as a serious business and not a past-time, for most common people, online rummy can be an effective de stressing activity. It is often compared with other traditional methods of reducing stress and has been found to be equally if not more effective in stimulating the mind, helping release happy hormones that relax the entire mind and body after a hectic day at work.

How to Win Big in Online Rummy Cash Games

Win Online Money at RummyBaazi

RummyBaazi offers exciting joining bonuses as well as winning bonuses for new players of online rummy cash games. When playing online real cash games of rummy at RummyBaazi, players can buy-in to pool rummy, deals rummy and points rummy with the help of these bonuses from their deposit account. After winning, the amount is credited to players’ winnings account from which they can easily transfer it into their banks. So, wait no further, join RummyBaazi for free and start your journey to win online money!

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