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At some point, we all have looked for a cash winning game to play online and earn money. If you are looking to play real money earning games, you have come to the right place. We have a list of the best money games that you can download and enjoy right away to start earning real money during lockdown, as well as a list of answered FAQs about such online money earning games.

However, the first question that might come to your head could be do online games pay? Well, yes, they do. There are some legit money games that you can play free online to earn money. So, you might be wondering, "Where do I find real money earning games?" or "What are those money games?"

Let's dive deeper into all the real money online games and stay tuned to find out more on how to play free online games to earn money today!

One of the many great ways to earn money or double your earnings is to play real money online games on online platforms that are a great way to make money while having fun at the same time.

Factors you need to consider before you play online games and earn money:

Top Real Money Earning Games

Once we know the fact that there are ways to play games and earn money, we need to see what types of real money earning games are there that allow us to do so. Although the idea of money games has gotten popular, developers have been able to bring the earning element to only a few games that are mentioned below, so do not forget to download these real money online games!


While we are discussing ways to earn money by playing games, and our very first game in the list is online rummy! This online gaming niche that was introduced as the Indian money earning apps or the first cash winning games. And you can play this popular card game on RummyBaazi, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website and enjoy different cash games and tournaments to earn money from the comfort of your home.

Rummy Game Set Up:

Download the Indian money earning app, RummyBaazi today, to enjoy secure and seamless online gaming when you play online rummy games and earn money!

Online Set-Up: The set-up of the game in terms of online rummy is also similar, the only difference being it is set up to look at on a computer screen.

This is step one to play free online games to earn money.

There are, however, basic rules to be followed in an online rummy game that we have listed out for you: The online rummy game starts when the player takes a seat and the seat is reserved for the player for about 20 seconds which is until the Buy in time is completed. Every player has his/her bankroll, and he can buy in any amount from this current bankroll. Once the table is filled, the game starts. Grab this fantastic experience on RummyBaazi by playing free online rummy games to earn money across stunning guarantees.


Poker is also a cash winning card game like rummy and also deals in real money, which again makes it a catch for the best money earning games. The word poker face comes from the game because you shouldn’t be giving away any tells about what cards you have with your facial expressions as the game is led partly by the idea of bluffing your opponents.

How to Play an Online Poker Game?

Poker is a winner-take-all game; but, since the game entails a lot of trading with money, it is preferably known as a best real money game. It is essential that you play on reputable Indian money earning apps that offer reliable poker games where your money is safe and the transactions are secure. These games are compatible with all your Android or iPhone devices and have good customer reviews; go download the game today. Be prepared to play at a faster pace to be good at the real money earning games.

Now when someone says ‘online poker’, you surely think of cash winning games. Download all the real money online games today and win big cash prizes.

Fantasy Cricket

Have you thought about real money earning apps in India? Before going into detail on tips, rules, and more, let us understand what Fantasy Cricket is. It is an online real money earning game where a simulated team of actual cricket players is set up to score points based on the way they compete in real-life matches. To win a tournament in Indian money earning apps, players must work to reach the highest leading rank and maximum points. Fantasy Cricket is an online sporting strategy game where a fictional team of actual cricketers is developed and competes in real matches all over the world. Today, in India, there are regular fantasy games, such as MPL and Dream 11, where the team can be generated and tweaked daily. These games also have cash awards.

Now let us further see how to play the game of Fantasy Cricket and later download and play the real money earning apps in India-

Fantasy Football

Another interesting way to play games and earn money that is similar to Fantasy Cricket is Fantasy Football. Since the interface and rules of this Indian money earning app are quite similar to Fantasy football, let's talk about the popularity. This is also an online best money earning game that lets you live your fantasy of being the manager of your own hand-tailored team and lets you pick real-life players of your choice and earn on the basis of performance in the premier leagues or the forthcoming matches. Fantasy sports have gained a lot of popularity and are an extreme hit, especially before the seasonal football matches.

Fantasy Kabaddi

The craze for the game Kabaddi has always been a lot in the general public of India, as it is one game everyone has played at least once in their life. For a lot of people, it brings back childhood memories. The hype and craze for Kabaddi were brought back in 2014 when Star Sports broadcasted the Pro Kabaddi League for the very first time which has until now had 7 successful seasons. This is a league similar to that of IPL for cricket, and like Fantasy Cricket, we have Fantasy Kabaddi too and these are all definitely money games. The apps that support the leagues and tournaments are real money earning apps in India.

Let us see how to play the Fantasy Kabaddi game, which might also end up giving us insight into the rules of the game in general or jog our memories-

Final Thoughts

To earn money by playing games follow everything mentioned here as these are the best money-earning apps in India and also guide you the best way to earn money by playing games. We got these tips and information for you after a lot of research. However, anyone using the above apps must first ensure that they research the game and are thorough with the rules, and then play the games after making sure they are completely safe. And keep playing games to win money or real money games because they are the best.

We have also made a list of the frequently asked questions which you may have in terms of online money games, and we have tried to answer most of them. Everyone has always wanted to play games and earn money, your dream to play games and earn money will come true once you download the games and try them yourself.

Download Real Money Earning App RummyBaazi to Earn Huge Cash

You can’t miss RummyBaazi which is the best real money earning app in India where you can start playing rummy games to win money. This lightweight app has an easy-to-use interface coupled with the best rummy promotions and games across stakes for you to drool on and earn real money all day long!

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Frequently Asked Questions
1) What games give you real money?

Online card games like online rummy are the real deal when it comes to earning real money from the comfort of your home. RummyBaazi, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website and one of the best money earning apps in India features three different rummy cash game variants to let you explore different formats of rummy online and boost your winnings.

2) Which game is best for money?

If you are good with cards, online card games like Poker or Rummy might be the right games for you. And if your sole focus is earning money and exciting prizes, then you can’t ignore the Baazi Rewards program featured by Indian money earning app, RummyBaazi that lets you win Loyalty Rewards such as Holiday Trips, flagship smartphones and real cash prizes worth up to INR 2LAC in exchange of Reward Points.

3) Which app gives real money?

RummyBaazi is India’s best money earning app that is offering you real money during your online rummy gaming journey. This is the best money earning app in India that rewards their players with huge cash prizes and premium Loyalty Rewards such as PlayStations, Holiday Trips and real cash prizes worth up to INR 2LAC!

4) How can I get free real money?

Play Free Entry tournaments on RummyBaazi, rank high on the Leaderboard to earn real chip bonus (RCB) and use them later to play real money earning games of the best rummy variants and earn real money for free!

5) Does rummy give real money?

If you play rummy online on RummyBaazi, then you can win real cash prizes by playing free online games now to earn money. Hit the tables of cash rummy games across three different variants, Deal Rummy, Pool Rummy and Points Rummy on RummyBaazi to earn real money daily.

6) Which rummy app is best for money?

RummyBaazi is the best money earning app in India for winning big on cash rummy games and tournaments. Download RummyBaazi app now and gain the experience of real money earning games with exciting formats and whopping guarantees! RummyBaazi prides itself to be one of the only gaming platforms to feature the highest guarantees for the most affordable buy-ins ever!

7) How do you play rummy and win cash?

For playing Indian card rummy, just visit the best money earning app in India, RummyBaazi and sign up via e-mail or mobile number. You can play a variety of rummy games here, including Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals rummy and a variety of rummy tournaments with exciting prize pools across stakes! The objective in all rummy variants are the same, but the rules may vary.

8) How do you get real money by playing rummy?

We do understand beginners don’t have an in-depth knowledge of how to win cash prizes on Indian money earning apps of online rummy. Visit RummyBaazi to start your run at zero risk with our free entry tournaments and earn real chip bonus (RCB) winnings to play money games for FREE! No need to spend from your pockets right away, RummyBaazi gives you the opportunity to learn the game from scratch and win real cash for free.

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