Kalooki Rummy

Kalooki Rummy Card Game: A Variation with Several Faces

Kalooki rummy card game or Kaluki is a rummy variation mainly played in the land of Jamaica. A Contract-based rummy game that’s also known as Jamaican Rummy, a game in which strategy based skills matters in order to win. The origin to the roots of Kalooki Rummy is debatable due to its evolved versions over the years across different countries that include Israel, the United States, South Africa and even some parts of Europe.

Coming to the subject, Kalooki rummy card game is quite similar to the classic variant of Rummy. Best played between a minimum of 3 to 8 players, you play the game clockwise. Tournaments are of course played best among four players on a single table.

Since there are different versions of the game, the number of cards depends on the number of the players too. Kalooki rummy card game is played with decks of Anglo-American cards. So, a 3-4 player game demands a pack of 2 cards with 4 to 6 jokers to tag along. Another version of the Kalooki card game online only uses 106 cards in total that includes just 2 Jokers.

Kalooki Rummy Game Objective

The objective of this game is to finish by laying all cards into distinct valid melds in order to win. The remaining players are awarded penalty points for their unmatched cards.

Points System

All cards carry a distinct set of points that players receive for their non-melded cards in Kalooki rummy card games. The points are slightly different from the classic rummy variant, so make sure you don’t confuse them. A Joker carries the highest points- 50, then comes the black Ace- 15 points, the King, Queen and Jack 10 points each, card numbered 2-10 carry their face value points and the Red Ace carries 1 point. Although if a player’s hands goes out with King, Queen and Jack, then the player will receive 10 points.

Melds in Kalooki Card Game Rules

The Kalooki card game rules demand players to arrange all their cards into valid melds of 3s and 4s. Although, these melds have to be created according to the prescribed contracts as per the Kalooki card game rules. So, here are the kind of melds that you need to base your contracts on.

A set, also known as 3, is a combination of 3 or more cards of the same value. It doesn’t have to be of the same suit, so duplicates are allowed.

A 4 is a combination of at least 4 or more cards of the same suit arranged consecutively. Aces can be both high and low but they are not allowed in the middle of a sequence. For example, you can form a 4 of A,K,Q and A,2,3 but you can’t form a K,A,2,Q…

Jokers are wild in Kalooki rummy card online games and can be used to complete melds by supporting missing cards. However, this privilege comes with a condition.

Contracts in Kalooki Rummy

Deal and Contracts are the part of the game which consists of players who can deal with the cards. So, 9 deals are required to complete one game, and a winner is chosen amongst those who have the lowest score at the end.

According to Kalooki Rummy card game rules, the number of cards dealt to the players depend on the current hand that is being played. The gameplay is similar to the rest of the variants of rummy. When the cards are dealt in each hand, the rest of the cards are stocked face down, and the top card is placed face up on the table to create the open pile where players must discard their unused cards.

Here are the following contracts that need to be made during the nine rounds of the game.

HandNo. of cards dealtContract
1 10 3,3,3
2 11 3,3,4
3 12 3,4,4
4 13 4,4,4
5 13 3,3,3,3
6 14 3,3,3,4
7 15 3,3,4,4
8 16 3,4,4,4
9 17 4,4,4,4

In some variations of the Kalooki Rummy card game, hands 1-4 are referred to as the Kalooki game and hands 5-9 are referred to as Super Kalooki. There is another variation of the game that goes by the name Baby Kalooki and includes just 3 contracts for 3 rounds with 8 cards being dealt per round.


Calling is one of the unique Kalooki card game rules that allows players to boost their chances to win different rounds in this game. When a player sees a discarded card that he wishes to use but has not laid any of his cards yet, they can ‘CALL’ the card by saying so even if he is not the one to act next in the game.

When you play Kalooki card games online, the opponent who discarded the card can either allow the call or refuse the call. If he allows so, then the calling player can pick the discarded card along with another penalty card from the stockpile since he acted out of turn. At this point, he/she can’t lay down cards or discard at once.

Conversely, according to Kalooki online card game rules, the opponent can refuse the call and discard the card rather than giving it away and choosing to draw from the stockpile. If more than one person calls the card, the player who called it first can be allowed to pick the discard. Each player is allowed a maximum of 3 calls per game. Once any player has laid his melds, he is not allowed to call anymore.


When you play Kalooki rummy card games online, you can only lay on their opponent’s melds in Kalooki rummy only after they have placed their own contracts on the table. This can be done in the same turn or later. Any player who has laid his melds on the table isn’t allowed to pick cards from the discard pile.


Jokers can’t be discarded in a Kalooki rummy game but there is no other rule that forbids discarding any other cards. You can discard cards that can be tacked onto any set on the table. You can also discard the same card that you picked up. At times when the entire stock is unfolded during a game, except the top card, all cards from the discard pile are reshuffled to form the stockpile again and the game continues. If the same happens for a second time, the game ends with no score.

Points System

Once any player in the Kalooki rummy card game goes out by laying all the desired contracts and removing all cards in his hand, the remaining players must lay their melds after which they receive penalty points according to the numerical value assigned to the cards.

If the 1st player who finished the game manages to use all his cards in the same turn, it is known as ‘down and out’ or ‘bending the table’ as a result of which the losing players receive double penalty points in their original score. After the nine rounds are done in a Kalooki rummy card game, the player with the least total score wins.

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