Rummy Variations
Indian Rummy (also called Paplu)

Indian Rummy is a direct derivative of the original rummy. In it, every player is dealt 13 cards and he is supposed to make three or more valid sets out of them. It must be noted that if two players are involved on a heads-up table, then only one standard deck of 52 cards is used. Any higher number of players calls for more than one standard deck of 52 playing cards.

The remaining rummy cards are placed as Open and Closed decks, and each player can draw and discard cards serially with a view to make the best and valid sets for himself. The game progresses in a clockwise manner until one player correctly declares that he/she has made the best and valid sequence. In other words, the end of a 13-card rummy game is to make valid sequences and sets in the least possible time.

Valid Show contains at least two sequences, one of which must be ‘pure’ and the other may be ‘impure.’ The former is made without using (any printed or wild) jokers while the other prominently includes them as a way to form a Set or a Sequence.

Once a hand is concluded, it awards the winner with 0 points. This is important because the greater number of points that a player scores, the more loss he incurs! Similarly, the unmade card sequences cost the losing player(s) points in a predetermined ratio of money or free token value.

The highest number of points that a player can lose in an Indian rummy game is 80.

Indian rummy variations (or Online Rummy Variations in India)

Rummy is a legal, skill-based card game that finds several thousand passionate followers in our country. You can choose to play this game across our three most popular online rummy variations- Cash, Tournament and Free- on RummyBaazi.

These three Indian Rummy variations are called Rummy Online Cash Game, Online Rummy Tournaments and 13-card rummy game.

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