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• Rummy is a popular card game based on the process of ‘Choose and Drop.’ It follows a two-step process:

a.) Choosing a card from an Open or a Closed deck of cards.

b.) Dropping a less useful card to the Open Deck


• Dealing in Indian Rummy

a.) Which player should play first? To decide on this, there is a dealerwho makes a toss and provides his answer for the order in which the game shall proceed.

b.) After this, a Wild Jokeris selected randomly from a Closed Deck by the Dealer himself.

c.) Then a set of 13 cards are dealtto each player.

d.) The first card from the deck is put face-up on the Open Deck. All other cards are put face-down to form the Closed Deck.

• A player should make appropriate and valid Sequences and Sets, as per predefined rules, by using 13 cards dealt to him.

a.) A Sequence refers to a collection of three or more numerically-arranged and similarly-suited cards.

b.) A Set refers to a group of three or four similarly-ranked cards in different suits.

c.) A Joker is a predefined card that can be called upon to replace any card to form sequences and sets. It is of two types- Wild Joker and Printed Joker.


• Rummy extends a helping hand to you by offering the Joker card. You can use it to make a valid (but improper) Set or a Sequence in a game. Choosing a Wild Joker at the beginning of a rummy game is a prerequisite and it can be used to swap any other playing card.

• The end of the game is to make two Sequences, one of which should be made without using the Joker and is called the Pure Sequence. This Sequence needs to be supported by other used cards that should be arranged in a proper and valid order too.

RummyBaazi offers only the standard 13-Card Rummy Game on its platform. In it, two players are dealt playing cards from one deck only. Any more players require an increase in standard decks of cards. There are two decks- Closed and Open, and a card from either of them can betaken. The same is compensated by discarding a card on the Open deck.

• The winner is the player who has secured the valid and correct Sequences and Sets in the least possible time. In other words, the player making the most appropriate Sequences and Sets fastest is the winner.

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