Rummy Hand Analysis

Importance of Rummy Hand Analysis

Sceptical thinking along with technical decision making helps to succeed in life. What if we were to tell you the same rules are also applicable to a game. Yes, you heard it right! The same applies to winning an online rummy game. The most crucial decision making lies the moment the hands are dealt. This will decide whether you win or lose that hand. And to do so, it is essential to have profound knowledge and analyze the starting hand of the rummy game.

Rummy is a game based on skills which can be bettered with a few rummy tricks. Proper theoretical knowledge along with practice makes one a pro in this online card game. And one of the basic rummy tricks is analyzing the hand dealt at the start. In an online rummy game, the cards are dealt randomly through a centralized computer system. Thus, it becomes all the more critical to analyze the opening hand appropriately. Along with basic skill sets and reasoning power, the way you implement these advanced rummy rules will determine the direction in which the game would head.

With a few tips and tricks, you can change your luck and also test your reasoning capabilities. Here a few rummy tricks to begin with.

Overpower your opponents with some simple rummy tricks. This is where we can be of some help. Here we tell you how to perfect your advanced rummy strategies by just keeping a few key points in mind.

1. The Perfect Hand

The rarest rummy hand to get is this type. This is also sometimes called the dream hand. When the cards are dealt, all players hope and wish to get a perfect hand. With a perfect or a dream hand, one can complete the round within two or three rounds. With a perfect hand, you get a pre-made set or a pure sequence without a Joker. You need to be very observant to analyze such a hand. Double-check the sequence before calling in. With a perfect hand, win over your opponents with maximum points. Although rare, if you get a dream starting hand, make the most use of it and go all out to make a dramatic extravagant win.

2. The Winning Hand

Close or similar to a perfect hand, a winning hand also gets you closer to win if dealt properly. This hand comprises one set of pure sequences and another one or more sequences with one or many jokers. If a winning hand is analyzed well, the probability of winning the game increases. Therefore, it is best advised to make use of the premade sequence, if any and later deal with the other cards. Analyze and make full use of the joker before calling in and declaring a win. Furthermore, adapting to certain skills, identifying and analyzing a winning hand at the start will help you to generate appropriate strategies to get an efficient win.

3. The Good Hand

A deal with no valid melds yet the desired cards along with one or more joker cards makes up for a good hand in rummy. By using correct rummy strategies and tricks you can turn the game anytime in your favour. A hand with a premade sequence always proves to be favourable. If not present, then use the existing cards to first make a pure sequence. Here, use the joker card with logic and mathematical reasoning or employ advanced rummy strategies. Understanding and analyzing the cards at hand from the very beginning is crucial to apply ideal rummy tricks while playing an online rummy game.

4. The Difficult Hand

Most rummy players wouldn’t want to face the wrath of this hand. Yet this hand plays a crucial role in portraying the advanced rummy strategies of a pro player. After a deal, the set of cards with one pure sequence and no jokers make a difficult hand. It is very important to analyze such a hand from the very beginning. The winning depends on the appropriate analysis of the hand at the start and then employing the right rummy tricks at the right time to make the game in favour. Although a tricky hand, players with years of experience love to play with such a hand. Levels of expertise along with proper analyzing of hand at the start and implementing the correct trick determines the winning or losing of the round.

5. The Weak Hand

The most common deal in Indian rummy and also the most dreaded scenario of even the most experienced players. With no pure sequence or jokers, this hand is hard to play. It is advisable to drop in at the beginning as chances are really low & you would only lose by 20 points. However, if through a thorough analysis of hand at the start, you can find a link or some relations and are confident about your tactics then go ahead. It’s safe to say that it requires years of experience and strong rummy skills and tricks to win the game with a weak hand. A weak hand determines the level of your expertise and reasoning power. But always ensure that you’re playing such a hand at low stakes. It is good to practice or play rummy at low stakes with a weak rather than going on all out at higher stakes.

Overall, along with mastering various rummy tricks, it is also essential to analyze the starting rummy hand to win big on The cards dealt may or may not fall under the aforementioned categories. But with practice and correct knowledge, anyone can master this online card game. Follow the above examples to analyze your starting hand to plan out the strategies for your subsequent moves.

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