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Dummy Rummy

Dummy Rummy game is an interesting variation of rummy that is best played between 2 to 4 players. This game is played with 2 standard deck of 52 cards each adding up to a total of 108 cards. Originating in the United States, its basic gameplay is similar to 13 card rummy wherein a player needs to use his cards to make proper melds of sets and sequences.

Objective of Dummy Rummy

The objective of the game according to Dummy Rummy rules is to make valid sets and sequences and finish the game with zero points in his tally. The rest of the players receive penalty points for their unused cards according to the scoring system in the game.

Dummy Rummy card game also has similarities to another popular rummy variant called Contract Rummy which means it's equally thrilling to keep you on your toes. Therefore, the game is a mixed bag that has traits similar to most variants of rummy. If you have played even the basic rummy game, understanding the Rummy rules for dummies should be a piece of cake.


The game begins with the player sitting left to the dealer just like Indian Rummy. Once all cards are dealt to the players, the game begins in a clockwise position from the player left of the dealer. All players must follow the process to meld their cards into valid sets and sequences until no idle cards are left in their hands.

This may seem all familiar but Dummy Rummy game rules differ from the regular rummy variants because players must make 12 predefined hands to finish the game.

Before listing them all, here are the kind of melds that apply to Dummy Rummy.

Run/ Sequence - At least 3 or more cards arranged in a sequence of different suits. The cards do not have to be in the same suit. Aces can be high or low but they cannot be both. For example: High (K-J-Q-A) or low (A-2-4-3) but not both as in (K-A-2-3).

Set - At least 3 or more cards of the same value but separate suits.

Wild Cards - 2’s and Jokers are wild when you play Dummy Rummy online and can be used to represent any desired card in the game.

Dummy Rummy Melds

According to Dummy Rummy game rules, if a player fails to make all the melds in the current hand, he must try again in the next hand. Players can always use wild jokers to represent any missing card in a meld. 2s and Jokers are wild and can be used to replace any missing card in a combination.

Cuts or Cut-ins

This is an optional Dummy Rummy online game rules. When a player sees a card he likes, he can ask to cut in and take the card along with 3 additional cards from the top of the deck. However, the decision to allow this to happen remains entirely upon the player whose turn it is during that hand.

In fact, he can either allow the other player to take those cards or take those cards himself! To add to that, when you play Dummy Rummy games online, any player may cut in at any time between a meld and the next players may draw up to 2 times.

Drawing One or the Other Way

If you want the top card of the discard pile, take it and add it to your hand. If the player has already played their meld set, one must draw from the top of the unused stock of cards.


According to Dummy Rummy card game rules, the play continues till one player manages to go out by getting rid of all the cards from their hand. One must always end his/her turn by discarding/removing cards from their hands. The final part of each player's turn is to discard or remove one card from his hand face up onto the discard pile when declaring.

However, a player cannot discard a card if it creates a meld. So, in spite of this, a player picks another card from the discard pile and another player notices this bridge of rule, he can remove the meld from the pile and place it with other melds.


The objective is to meld or discard all of one's cards first among all without any unused cards left in his hand.


Once the player has drawn, he may place his melds on the table. On subsequent chances, players may add any remaining cards to existing melds because melds outside the prescribed sets are not allowed.


When playing Dummy Rummy games online, as one player goes out, his hand counts as zero. The remaining players in the game are penalized with points for their idle cards. The scoring system is as follows:

  1. Each card from 3 to 9 carries 5 penalty points.
  2. Cards 10, J, Q,K carry 10 penalty points each.
  3. Aces cost you 15 points.
  4. The Jokers and the 2sl cost you 50 points.

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