Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular and widely played card games. The thrill, excitement, and uncertainty associated with these games make it highly popular among the masses. It is one of the most comprehensible and user-friendly games. Anyone with a little knowledge of the cards can easily play this game and win too. Deals Rummy is a variant of the Rummy game. In deals rummy is 13 cards rummy game and the player plays a fixed number of the game also known as deals.

Rummy Baazi offers this exciting variation of Rummy to its visitors in the chip format. Wherein, a gamer can allocate a fixed amount of chips at the beginning of the game. The entry fee and chips involved make this game highly electrifying and interesting.

How Does Deals Rummy Work?

Each player will allow a fixed amount of chips in the deal rummy games before the commencement of the game. Post the game, the winning player receives the chips from the players who lost the game. This will continue until the deals are on. Once the deals are completed, the player with the highest chips wins the game and the winning prize pool too.

RummyBaazi brings to you a new gaming and card playing experience with the perfect combination of ergonomic game format, attractive graphics, and interactive gaming sessions. Our Deals Rummy is thoughtfully designed taking into consideration the likes, preferences, dislikes, and gaming patterns of our patrons.

How to Play Deals Rummy at RummyBaazi?

At RummyBaazi, deals rummy can be played between two to six players with either one deck or two decks including printed jokers. Each player will be given a fixed number of chips to play pre-decided deals rummy. A toss will decide which player will make the first move in the game. Each player will be given a set of 13 cards to play with. The first card on the peck indicates that the game is started and the remaining cards are placed face –down indicating a closed deck slot.

At the beginning of each game, a joker will be automatically selected by the computer system. The objective of the deals rummy game is to arrange all the 13 cards in hand-in sequence or sets. For this, each player will have to draw a card from the deck slot and pick/discard the card based on his/her game plan. One can use one or more than one joker to complete the sequence or the set.

However, one of the sets or sequences must be a pure sequence or set i.e, without using any joker. To declare the game one should show the cards in hand by grouping them in the set form or sequence form and clicking on the declare button. Note: If you are playing with two decks, you cannot use the same card twice (Same print, same number). After every game losing, players will transfer their chips to the winning player. At the end of the deals, the one player with the maximum number of chips and wins will be declared as the winner of Deals Rummy.

Chip Allocation in Deals Rummy

Rummy Baazi has a very simple and straightforward calculation for chip allocation. The chip allocation in deals rummy is done based on the number of deals a player selects. One can select to play the best of 2, 3, 4, or 6. The chips will be allocated according to the number of deals one opts for.

How Points are Calculated in Deals Rummy?

The calculation of deals rummy is done at the end of each deal. The chips are calculated based on the points of the losing player.

The equation of point and chip is as follows:

1 Point = 1 Chip

In Deals Rummy rules, there is a single winner at the end of each deal. Winnings are calculated based on the sum of points of all the opponent's in-game multiply by the 1 tournament chip.

For Example-

If there are six players on a table and player 4 declares the other 5 players shall lose the deal. However, the points of each player are 10,20,30,35,40 respectively the winner will take the sum of 10+20+30+35+40 which is equal to 135 chips are the winning amount. Post every deal the calculation and transfer of chip will take place and at the end of the pre-decided deal, the player who gets the maximum chip will be the winner of Deals Rummy.

Calculation of Losing Player’s points:

In Deal Rummy Rules, losing players' points are also calculated based on the pure sequence and unmatched cards in his hand.

What are the Drop Points in Deals Rummy at RummyBaazi

RummyBaazi calculates drop points based on the number of players who join the table. If it is a 2 player game, one cannot drop out of the game. But if one by any chance misses three consecutive turns in fame he/she will be automatically declared drop out with a hand score.

If the deals rummy game involves more than 2 players the drop points are declared based on the first drop or middle drop. If a person drops without picking up the card, he will get 20 points. If a player drops in the middle of the game, he will get 40-drop points. Missing three consecutive turns in a deals rummy you get 40 points in deals Rummy.

Deals Rummy - an Interesting Way to Relish your Love for Card Games

Deals Rummy is one of the most amusing and enthralling games. It keeps you always engaged and edge on the seat. RummyBaazi aims at creating a favourable and lively gaming experience to give our patrons the best rummy experience.

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