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05 March 2020

Baazi Rewards 3X Faster Baazi Rewards 3X Faster RummyBaazi.com

The season of spring is here and we are making sure that your winnings blossom like never before. RummyBaazi’s season’s greetings comes with a surprise! It’s going to be a whole lot of fun at the online cash games front on RummyBaazi. Read along to know how.

This March, we present to you the all-new, Happy Hours (Special Edition) that shall run round the clock! We’ve revised the time slots into a 24 hour format for better gaming experience for our Baazigars. Now, players can play online cash games and climb up the Baazi Rewards levels up to 3X faster throughout the day.

Check out the revised time-slots of Happy Hours here.

1. 03:00 Hrs. to 11:00 Hrs.: 3x Reward points

2. 11:00 Hrs. to 18:00 Hrs.: 2x Reward points

3. 18:00 Hrs. to 03:00 Hrs.: 1.5x Reward points

What are Baazi Rewards?

The most-loved rummy promotion, Baazi Rewards is our Loyalty Rewards Program that works on online rummy cash games. It rewards players generously for their love and passion for online rummy throughout their gaming journey on RB.

How the Happy Hours works with Baazi Rewards:

  • Playing online rummy cash games shall give you coins.
  • These coins will generate Reward points for you. For each 15 coins, players earn 1 Reward Point (RP).
  • Collecting enough Reward points unlock different levels of Baazi Rewards that contain premium rewards.
  • Playing online rummy cash games during the Happy Hours (Special Edition) shall fast track your progress up to 3x times towards collecting the awesome Baazi Rewards.
  • Please note that these Reward points are generated only when you play online cash games of rummy.

Here’s a list of unmatchable prizes featured in the list of Baazi Rewards.

Don’t know how to play online rummy for cash? Here’s a helpful link: How to play online rummy like a pro!

Weekly Coins Leaderboard

The season of bloom is here and so get ready to inflate your winnings to monster size! Play rummy online for cash on RummyBaazi and win from over INR 35,000 a week, that’s over 1 LAKH this month! This time around, it’s going to reward not 3 but top 5 players across three categories- Low, Mid and High.

The most amazing feature of this online rummy promotion is that it does not matter whether you win or lose. It instead takes into account the amount of time you spend on the tables and rewards you according to the number of hands you play.

Here’s how the Weekly Coins Leaderboard works on online rummy cash game tables:

  • You will be positioned in the Weekly Coins Leaderboard across three categories: Low, Medium, High
  • You will earn Reward Points according to the coins you wager on a rummy cash game table.
  • Play more, rank high and win from over 35,000 EVERY WEEK and over 1 Lakh this month!

Here’s a catch: If you choose to play online rummy for cash during Happy Hours, then you can claim your shot at Baazi Rewards and Weekly Coins Leaderboard prizes together! Toh agar paise hai kamana, khelo online rummy for cash rozana!

25K Daily Depositor FreeRoll


Daily Depositor FreeRol


Har din, 25 hazar in! If you’re an online rummy tournament player, then this should be your daily deal of rewards every day at 9 pm. Simply, make a minimum deposit of INR 200 using code 200ka20K and get a ticket to this online rummy tourney and play to win from a handsome prize pool of 25K every day.

10K Free Entry Tournaments

New to online rummy? Well, we still have a series of free online rummy tourneys for you to enjoy regularly. RB is hosting online rummy free tourneys called 10K Free Entry Tournaments at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and 7 PM every day for FREE! This means, you get to sharpen your online rummy skills without shelling a penny and win prizes worth up to 40,000 every day. Toh khelo free mein, aur jeeto hazaaro mein only on RummyBaazi.

See you guys at the tables!



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