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20 June 2020

It’s summer time and your favourite online rummy app, RummyBaazi has geared up to oust the sadness out of your lives. Let’s admit it, the blues are getting stronger but we are going to kick them out together with a fresh online rummy tournament!

India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi brings you the all-new 20K Daily Depositor FreeRoll. Say buh-bye to your quarantine blues and welcome big winnings along with some exciting gaming sessions.

Badhao Rummy ka June-oon with 20K Daily Depositor Freeroll

We know how much you love depositor freerolls, so we thought let’s give some love back to our Baazigars and bring a daily depositor freeroll once again to the tables. And here we are, ready to level up your gaming sessions on RummyBaazi.

How Do You Join?

You can join this online rummy tournament by depositing just ₹200 or more using code DAILY20K to get your free ticket. You can avail this offer once every day before the registration deadline is crossed.

The catch here is that 20K Daily Depositor FreeRoll is essentially a free rummy tournament. The deposit you make can be used to further your winnings.

Rummy Promotions

So, let your skills do all the talking at the online rummy tournament tables and win from ₹20,000 EVERY DAY!

Additionally, here are a few tips for beginners to keep in mind as a part of your online rummy strategy as you begin your online rummy tournament journey on RummyBaazi.

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Tips For Beginners to Start Online Rummy Tournament Journey:

1. All eyes on the Discarded Cards of Your Opponent

Almost all strategy pieces about online shouts down our throats that you should always keep a check on what cards the players are discarding. However, close to none of us actually use such observances for our good.

For Example: Your opponent discards a Qd (diamonds), this means you can safely see off cards closer to the cards he/she is disposing such as Jd or Kd. Be a smart player and be ahead in the game always!

2. Face Cards can be Put to Good use Smartly

Usually, players try to do away with all the idle face cards that don’t show any signs of getting redeemed. However, there is a silver lining to this online rummy strategy. In case, you have connecting face cards, wait for a round or two before disposing them off. Your opponents might discard your missing card.

For Example: You are holding a Qh (hearts) and a 10h, you should ideally wait for two turns for your opponent to discard the awaited Jh. It’s an online rummy trick very few experts would engage in. Make the most of it!

3. Set Cards of Different Suits and Colors Together

13 card online rummy is a fast paced game and this piece of online rummy strategy can be of great help in this case. Do the opposite of colour coordination with your cards. This can help you not mess up and make silly mistakes such discarding a good card.

4. Duplicate Cards are Gems Yet to be Polished

It’s fun when you can trick your opponents into doing something you want especially in online rummy games. Duplicate cards in online rummy tournaments does exactly that!

For Example: You are holding 5c (clubs), 5c and 6c. You just need 7c or 4c to hit a pure sequence.

In this situation, if you dispose of the spare 5 of clubs, you will trick your opponent into discarding 7c or 4c. Imagine how fun would it be if you actually pulled this clever online rummy move!

Now that you have been trained to nail it at the tables, welcome your first big winnings with RummyBaazi’s 20K Daily Depositor Freeroll today!

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