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24 December 2020

Types of Online Rummy Tournaments Types of Online Rummy Tournaments

Are you new to online rummy? Do you want to learn the basics of your favourite card game, rummy? Well, things are falling at the right place for you!

Rummy tournament tables are where all the action is and we don’t want you to miss that! Online rummy is where you would enjoy to your heart’s content. So let us get you introduced to the first aspect of online rummy tournaments: the types of rummy tournaments!

Rummy Tournament Types

Free Entry Tournaments

Well, this is the most crucial information about online rummy tournaments if you are new to the online version of the game. This is where your journey begins. 

Free Entry Tournament is the perfect point to start your online rummy journey because here players get to learn the skills of playing tournaments without spending a single dime! You just have to simply register, play and go home with Real Cash Chips (RCC)!

At RummyBaazi, you can use those real cash chips to join real money online rummy tournaments and cash games. That’s something any new player would kill for, isn’t it!

  1. Depositors Free Entry Tournaments

This is a step ahead in the game where you get rewarded for making a deposit at RummyBaazi! These free entry tournaments can be joined just by making a deposit via a deposit code. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a cash deposit.
  • Use a pre-decided deposit code to join a Depositors Free Entry Tournament.
  • Get the ticket as your reward for making a deposit!
  • BONUS: You can use that deposit amount to join other cash games and tournaments!
  1. Cash Tournaments

Online rummy cash tournaments works simply and rewards magically! All you need to do is buy-in to register yourself and win from huge prizes on RummyBaazi.

Re-buy Cash Tournaments

This type of online rummy tournaments let you re-enter a game once or more time depending on the situation by wagering a fee or buy-in.

The re-buy format is the kind of format that can help you amend your mistakes. It gives you a chance to come back with more vigour and go back with the highest rank!

Reward Point Cash Tournaments

These online rummy cash tournaments let you register a game of this format for FREE! The Reward Points you earn on cash games on RummyBaazi are used as buy-in. Here’s where you can learn more about Reward Points and how our Rewards Program works: How Baazi Rewards work?

Now that you have learned about how online rummy tournaments work, get started with India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi. We happen to offer all types of rummy tournaments. 

Here’s where you can learn more about our online rummy promotions: Monthly Promotions

See you at the tables!

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