A Master Guide on High Value Online Rummy Tournaments

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27 May 2020

If there’s one thing that rummy players would choose to play above anything else is rummy tournaments. Winning in online rummy tournaments is a testament of your pure skills and unbent resolution to make it to the very end without blinking! The question is how do players bring that amount of dexterity and determination to the tables?

Of course, winning and losing is part of the game, however, one fact remains true nonetheless. If you just have a few things straight on your mind from the word go, there’s no single factor that can pull you back from your moment of glory.

So, today, let’s discuss some key strategies along with some interesting game attributes that will make you a better rummy tournament player on RummyBaazi and win loads of real money.

Advanced Tournament Strategies for You

  • Pick the Right Tournament

No player scores big on the first rummy tournament nor on the 5th but maybe on the 10th or the 15th! This implies foremostly that you need to be aware of your skill set and work on improving your game every time you hit the tables. Start small, analyze your opponents on each level of game you play, fix your leaks and move your way up the ladder.

There’s no shortcut to winning a rummy tournament online just by reading a blog or two, however, diligently applying what you have learnt on each stage of your game will yield unexpected results. The higher you go, you will face stiffer competition, so the takeaway here is to take a gradually progressive approach when choosing a rummy tournament online and eventually raise the stakes.

  • Take the Lead

A key strategy to speed you way up in online rummy tournaments is to take the lead right from the start. Do not be afraid to play to your strengths and make bold moves when necessary. Set up your ideal hands from the start to easily play out the rest of the game.

Rummy tournaments online feature multiple rounds, so exercising control on your opponents from the beginning by scoring the least number of points is an excellent strategy to rank higher in the leaderboard. If you lead in the initial rounds, the rest of the tournament turns mellow and the margin between you and your opponents gets wider. All that remains in your mind now is to beat the hollow!

Rummy Tournament

  • Bait Your Opponents

Keeping an eagle eye on your opponents has many benefits. It not just helps you figure out the cards your opponents need but you can also trick them from time to time to serve your needs. For instance, if there’s a missing card that you need especially to complete a set, you can deceive your opponent to discard that exact card. How?

An example will make this one clear as day. In a situation where you have many high value cards like AKQJ but in a random fashion where there’s more identical high value cards like KK and one or two other high value cards like A or J, you may discard the later ones immediately and make your opponents believe you mean no business with them. In turn, they might discard their high value cards close by that could most likely include your missing card!

  • Keep an Eye on the Discard Section

A very basic strategy that often goes unnoticed by rummy players is to check the discard section of your opponents during the game. This helps you to keep a check on the exact cards discarded by your opponents and gives you a fair idea of their attempted combinations.

Moreover, you can safely discard cards your opponents will not be needing to complete his melds. At crucial times, this strategy can buy you time to complete your game and declare your game before your opponent does. However, you need to play enough online rummy tournaments to know if your opponent is using the same trick to fool you! As always, experience counts.

Closing on

The adventure of playing online rummy tournaments is unparalleled and when your skills match your winnings, the pleasure is extraordinary! So, keep working on those tricks and tips to smash your opponents only in the best online rummy tournaments on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website.

Stay tuned to our promotions, as a whole new curtain shall be lifted soon!

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