Introducing One Rupee Micro Tournaments That Let You Win Real Money

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19 September 2019

Win Real Money Win Real Money

Leaving the Re 1 change on the counter because you don’t want to own a collection of candies and chewing gums? Do you feel that a Re 1 coin can hardly buy you anything? On RummyBaazi, you can win 100 times of the Re 1 that you spend. Play Micro Tournaments only on and win real cash prizes for just Re 1!

Since its inception, RummyBaazi has aimed to offer variants and formats of the game for all kinds of players. After announcing doubled guarantees for our free entry tournaments, we are now presenting you Micro Tournaments. We bet you can’t find a better deal in Re 1!

Here is all that you can’t buy with Re 1:

A packet of milk

Water or no water, you can buy a packet of milk for at least Re 21.

A lemon

With or without an argument with sabji wale bhaiya, you can make a lemonade with a minimum Re 5.

A cup of piping hot tea

We Indian’s love our chai, but gone are those days when you could buy a cup of tea for Re 1.

Cellphone recharge

Why spend more on Talktime when you can win real money with just Re 1. Just saying.

A chocolate 

Now fight mood swings by enjoying a game on RummyBaazi and win real cash along the way.

A bust ticket

Why travel spending Re 10 when you can spend RS 1 and travel to bigger winnings?

All that you can get in Re 1 is massive real cash prizes from a guarantee of INR 100 GTD every day at 4 PM only on If you’re new to rummy, then Micro Tournaments should be your go to game. Go hit the tables now!

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