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15 October 2020

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Are you willing to try a new kind of online rummy tournament today on India’s Most Rewarding Rummy site? How about a cash rummy tournament that you can play for free but win real money? Sounds too good to be true? 

Indeed, this format of online rummy tournament exists only on RummyBaazi. If you haven’t yet played it yet, we shall tell you why and how you should play this awesome tournament and win real money every single day of the month.

Introducing RummyBaazi’s RP Tournaments

The RP tournament is one of RummyBaazi’s groundbreaking online rummy tournaments ever featured in India that allows you to win real money for free. The tournament nomenclature and nature is derived from Reward Points that are the basis of the Loyalty Rewards program of RummyBaazi. As some of you may know already, Reward Points are special points that all players of RummyBaazi can earn on the portal for free by playing cash games of any online rummy variant.

Collection of these Reward Points can unlock up to 20 levels of the Loyalty Program that carry a distinct string of rewards. The more points you earn in your cash game run, you can unlock higher levels and of course, bigger rewards! Rewards include the likes of trending gadgets, latest smartphones, holiday packages and cash prizes up to 2LAC on RummyBaazi.

While this Rewards system carries its own charm and winnings, these same Reward Points now allows you to play our new cash rummy tournament and win real money for absolutely free! We tell you how.

Now, instead of just playing online rummy cash tournaments in India for fixed buy-ins or entry fees, players on RummyBaazi get the unique opportunity to play the new RP tournament by simply spending few Reward Points instead of real money. Now, isn’t that really cool?

Winners will be rewarded with real cash prizes according to the stipulated prize pools. The higher you rank in the tournament, the bigger cash prize you could claim! Currently, RummyBaazi is hosting two awesome RP tournaments every day that you can play with Reward points you may have earned by hitting the cash rummy tables on the app.

Daily 10K RP Tournament & 1K RP Tournament

Welcome to the online tables of the brand new 1K RP tournament and Daily 10K RP tournament running live for low stakes and mid stakes respectively.

If you are new to playing cash online rummy tournaments in India, the 1K RP tournament is your best bet. All it takes on your part is just 1 Reward Point to register for this tournament and play for the 1K prize pool every evening at 5PM sharp. If you happen to get eliminated midway, you can re-enter the tournament for just 20 Rupees.

The Daily 10 RP tournament is for those who love to play in the mid stakes zone. This tournament was released last month and due to its instant popularity, it has now gained the status of a monthly classic.

So, if you have enough Reward points lying dormant in your account, the 10K RP tournament is your best option. Simply invest 10 Reward Points and stand a chance to win from this awesome 10K prize pool all six days of the week at 8PM sharp except Sundays. This one too comes with a re-entry option that shall cost you just 100 rupees.

With online rummy tournaments like these in India’s Most Rewarding rummy site, there’s no room left for hesitation for rummy fans anymore. Earning Reward Points is double the fun and winnings on RummyBaazi because now onwards, you are not only part of our lifetime Loyalty Rewards program but also a proud member of the most lucrative tournaments on RummyBaazi. So, keep playing and winning big every day.

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