Insider Tips to Score the Highest in Online Rummy Cash Games

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10 September 2020

How to Rank in the Top of Cash Dash Leaderboard How to Rank in the Top of Cash Dash Leaderboard

We know you have been having a thrilling time this month around on RummyBaazi. A heavy amount of action is centered on the cash rummy tables this month as the September Cash Dash took off on a blazing start. It’s a taxing race to the top with 2 mounting leaderboards witnessing cut-throat competition among all online rummy fans like you to claim what’s rightfully yours.

Is the competition getting hard on you? Are you on the edge due to such high volume relentless gaming? Is the urge to recover your recent losses affecting your performance and results? Let us then help you slice the competition into half so that you can speed up facing less friction at the online rummy tables.

  • Find the Right Table

The first and foremost thing you need to reconsider while choosing to play cash rummy games on RummyBaazi is to pick the table that’s right for you. If you are new to online rummy cash games, we say you start at the bottom and refrain from playing games for higher buy-ins. Try to score best in the mid category and give your best shot. Do not worry, the rewards are plenty and so, you can still win a generous amount of prize money no matter which leaderboard you aim for.

  • Find the Right Game

It’s important no matter what game you play, it should be your favorite and the element of fun shouldn’t fade away. So, when you have set goals in mind and are willing to go the extra mile with your skills to claim your rightful space in the Leaderboards, make sure you stick to your favorite variant that gives you better results on a frequent basis. For instance, if you fare better in Points rummy cash games, stick to this variant to achieve better results.

  • Expand Your Range

When you play online rummy cash games, you have to think beyond your own allotted set of cards especially if you wish to score high on the September Cash Dash leaderboards. It’s not just how perfect your moves are to beat your opponents hands down, you also need to hover your eyes around the table and track your opponent’s moves and watch what cards they pick and throw, This is crucial so that you do not end up catalyzing your opponents’ game by throwing away cards they might need to win the game!

  • Boost your Bankroll with RummyBaazi Deposit Codes

Those of you who didn’t know, the September Cash Dash is also offering a couple of highly rewarding bonus laded online rummy codes for each exclusive leaderboard. As you might be aware, the two leaderboards shall run in two phases- 1st-15th Sept and 16th-30th Sept. All players can use these bonus codes twice by making a minimum deposit during the active period of the Leaderboards and win instant bonuses up to 20,000 on their deposits. This means you can win bonus money for free and use them to push your game and rank ever higher on the Leaderboard. 

The idea is to encourage players to be an active part of this stellar competition and these bonus rummy codes augment your chances to win bountiful rewards through your acquired skills in online rummy cash games.

Here are the deposit codes and their winning amount.








20% Instant Bonus


1st-15th SEPT



20% Instant Bonus


16th-30th SEPT


So, if your bankroll is running low due to the high volume of games you have been engaging yourself with so far, use these online rummy codes to your favour and keep the action going until you reach your mark on the tables of RummyBaazi.

Happy Gaming!

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