How to Win in Pool Rummy: Tips and Strategy

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01 October 2020

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Unknown to many, the most popular card game in India, rummy, has travelled far and wide and has been influenced by the cultures of different countries and local regions. This led to the birth of over 60 variations of the rummy game, each with their own gameplay, scoring system, tricks and strategies. Pool rummy is one such popular variation that has caught attention among online rummy fans in India.

RummyBaazi currently features 3 popular variations of the game- Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. Pool rummy, is perhaps, the most underrated version of the three which is why we shall take on this subject today and discuss some easy to apply pool rummy tips and strategy that can help you master this variant in no time.

Exclusive Pool Rummy Tips and Strategy

Before we directly head to pool rummy strategy, let us lay down the basic pool rummy rules as a heads up for those who are new to this variant. Pool rummy is of two kinds- 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. 

Both are sub variants of Pool Rummy that have been segregated according to their cut off points. That means any player who reaches 101/201 points or more in this game is automatically eliminated and the last standing player is the one with the least number of points.  Dropping in 101/201 pool rummy game costs you 20/25 points.

Moving on, let’s talk about some pool rummy tips and strategy for your next game so that you can improve your win rate in pool rummy.

  • Pure Sequence is your Main Goal

We cannot stress enough on how important it is form a pure sequence in any variant of online rummy game. Having a pure sequence at the earliest gives you the extra edge and time needed to freely form the rest of the combinations at the earliest before someone overtakes your game and declares first.

  • Keep a Tab on your Points

When playing this game, you need to be mindful of Pool rummy rules and its cut off points at all times. For example, if a game consists of five rounds, your aim should be to win at least 2 out of 5 rounds and keep the score in the remaining rounds to the minimum of 10/20 points in 101/201 rummy. This way, you keep your overall score less and avoid an abrupt elimination. When you are playing pool rummy especially for cash, it would make no sense to play so many rounds only to end up getting eliminated midway and lose your money!

  • Learn to Drop at the Right Time

This might sound silly but dropping is a crucial pool rummy strategy and an art in itself. Never get tempted to play because of the prize money during the game. Every pool rummy game is played in rounds. It is seldom possible to win them all as a lot depends on the cards you receive in each round. 

A working pool rummy strategy here would be to decide at the very first stance whether to drop right away or play the game. If you do not have connectors or any joker in the beginning, it is pointless to pursue the game. Middle drop is never a good option in Pool rummy, you are most likely to get eliminated at some point in the game.

  • Focus on the Table

If you wish to increase your win rate in Pool rummy game, it is vital you not just focus on your game but also keep a constant eye on your opponent’s moves. You do not want to drop any such card that can help your opponents to complete their combinations quicker than you. Also, in pool rummy like all other variants, you should profile your opponents on the table to figure out their style of play so as to counter their moves and deceive them from time to time.

So, we hope these pool rummy tips and strategy help you understand this rummy variant better to achieve consistent success in the game. RummyBaazi features both 101 Pool rummy and 201 Pool rummy cash games. Go hit the tables now!

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