Online Rummy Tips: How to Handle Jokers

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29 January 2020

How to Handle Jokers How to Handle Jokers

Getting jokers in your cards can be both good and bad for you in online rummy. If the rummy gods are being good to you, you need to make them proud by using those jokers the correct way! The world of online rummy for real money can be bit tiresome, but we’re here to make all our Baazigars the best of them all!

Today, we’re going to discuss some advanced online rummy strategy and tips that can be rocket fuel for your winnings! Getting too many or too less jokers in your hand can be a tricky situation in online rummy.

Let’s dive in right away!

 Advanced online rummy strategy to use with jokers:

Rummy Pure Sequence

 1.       Pure Sequence should be a primary concern

All the blogs on how to play online rummy and its rules have established the fact that pure sequence is what you should a priority. Without that, your hand will be declared invalid. So without fixating on jokers, focus on building a pure sequence.

 Here’s a helpful link on the basic rules on how to play online rummy: How to play online rummy like a pro

 2.       Put aside the jokers

In 13-card online rummy, pure life also called pure sequence is the priority. So without any delay, group your jokers and set them aside. Do not look at them before melding your pure sequence. It’s a golden online rummy tip and has the ability to take you places.

 3.       Dispose of cards closer to your wild jokers

This is one of the most unique online rummy trick. Discard cards near to your joker. For example: you have 6s as a joker and 4s, 7s and 5s also. Discarding these cards will never help your opponents because they will not use their jokers to meld a pure sequence.

 4.      Too many jokers spoil the game

They say, too many cooks spoil the broth. In online rummy fixating on the fact that you have more than one joker can be the reason of your doom. This is some of the common online rummy mistakes new players make and you don’t want to remain in the newbie category, right!

 5.       Wild jokers have a dual role to play

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Let’s establish the fact that the online rummy strategy we’re going to discuss should be used ONLY when you think you’ve hit a gutter hand.

Since the golden rule of online rummy is to build a pure life, use your wild joker for the value it carries.

For example: You have a 7c as a wild joker and 5c – 6c, while the rest of the hand seems hard to redeem. Use that 7c for the value it carries. This will significantly decrease the gravity of your defeat on the rummy table.

Now that you’ve acquired some new set of skills, playing online money for real money can be a cake walk for you.

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