More Fun Facts & Myths of Indian Rummy Games Debunked For You

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17 September 2020

Rummy Myths and Facts Rummy Myths and Facts

A game so deep rooted in not just our singular memories but in Indian culture, rummy games have been a relentless source of joy, laughs, jokes and blissful times with friends and family. This century old game has been around for over a century now and as such, it carries some intriguing fun facts that needs to be told and few myths that need to be busted.

If you are a true Indian rummy fan, we are certain you would love to know these fun facts about your most beloved card game of all times. We shared some earlier, here are some more!

More fun facts about Rummy

Busting Apart Myths From Facts

Mother of All Card Games

Rummy’s origin has been contested for a long time now. We mentioned this earlier how it crossed vast seas and lands. The arguments of its origins have been contested, some say it came from the land of Mexico, some say, even the Mexico game called Conquian actually derived its name from the Chinese card game called Khanhoo. Then, there are some who believed rummy first originated in Spain.

It doesn’t end there. Rumours are also widespread that rummy led to the birth of many more card games such as Bridge. Now, doesn’t it make it the mother of all card games?

Rummy is a Gambling Game

There is a significant chunk of players who believe online rummy to be a game of chance which means you need to gamble your stakes based on the allotted cards. This is the most ridiculous myth.

Indian Rummy is a purely skill based card game that thrives on a few core abilities of a player- good  grasp of game theory, strategic gaming and understanding basic mathematics. The Supreme Court had marked rummy as a skill game and legalized it as early as 1968 and allowed it to play for stakes. This is because in rummy games, there exists a strict element of competition as it is a score driven game wherein the result of the game is purely derived from the skillset and individual experience of a rummy player.

Indian Rummy is boring

Those who play rummy online regularly on RummyBaazi or has played the traditional game at some point of time would know, rummy is one of the most exciting card games that has the potential to hook players for long uninterrupted fun filled sessions.

As we said earlier, the element of competition is high among online rummy fans which is why rummy tournaments are held where players nationwide assemble together to test their competency in this skill game and claim some coveted rewards. 

Rummy has only one variation

Whosoever still believes you cannot play online rummy games after a certain point due to its simple nature, let us reiterate the fact that rummy is probably one of the rarest games that has over 60 different variations influenced by various regional and cultural influences from too many nations. 

In fact, RummyBaazi itself offers three exciting online rummy variations to tweak your appetite for the game. Feel free to play rummy online anytime and switch between three thrilling variants namely- Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy. All three variants feature unique game rules and score systems that require players to adjust their game strategy accordingly.

Card Games are a waste of time

Some say card games are a waste of time, some say entertaining ourselves by playing online rummy games is not good behaviour due to the tag of gambling associated with it. However, after the Supreme Court reiterated in its judgment in 2015 that rummy is a game of skill, and playing it for stakes doesn’t amount to gambling, it helped to stir the birth of numerous online rummy sites in recent times.

Today, the online rummy games community has been growing in popularity due to its many rewarding features Online rummy sites such as ours offer highly rewarding value both in cash and kind to all those who play online rummy games and test their skills on our platform. In addition, RummyBaazi follows all the rules, regulations and required practices of responsible gaming so that your love  to play rummy online do not lead to obsession in any form.

Read more about responsible gaming here.

Are you satisfied with these facts today? If yes, go hit the tables without hesitation and continue to enjoy our promotions only on RummyBaazi.

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