5 Common Misinterpretations of Online Rummy Strategies

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21 August 2020

All new and intermediate online rummy players apply strategies to convert their skills into big winnings. However, only the pros know how to actually apply online rummy strategy the right way to pocket big paydays.

All online rummy tips and strategies can be interpreted differently. Let’s debunk some misconceptions around them!

Rummy Misconceptions

Drop the Game if You are Having Below Average Cards

It is usually said that if you think you have irredeemable cards then you need to immediately drop the game. By following this this tip while playing online rummy, you can avoid losing more points than you should have.

However, there is a flip side to this online rummy strategy. Players fear the loss of a few points and decide to quit even when they could have revived themselves at the 13 card online rummy table. Ideally, a player should at least play one to two rounds before coming to a conclusion.

This is where we need grit and confidence about which we discussed in our previous blog.

Here’s where you can find it: 5 characteristics of a rummy player.

Chances of You Winning the Game are High With More Jokers.

Just like too many cooks can spoil the broth, too many jokers can spoil your game. Obsessing over jokers cannot take any online rummy player anywhere. Focus on building your pure sequence first.

Although, jokers make your way to the finish line a bit easier, absence of it can’t decide the end of the game for you.

Tossing Out High Value Cards Just because you Read it Somewhere

All articles on how to play rummy stresses on the fact that players should discard high value cards in order to decrease their points. However, only players who study the game closely will know that they can wait for 1-2 rounds if they have connected high value cards.

Do not follow basic online rummy strategy and tips blindly just because an expert said it. Try to make as many rational decisions as you can.

Your Sets and Sequences Cannot Have More Than Four Cards

Your melds can have more than 4 cards, but it would be smart to make use of them separately. However, the online rummy rule book doesn’t say that you cannot use more than four cards to build a meld.

FUN FACT: An online rummy tip to ponder! Did you know that a sequence can have maximum 13 cards because each suit has that many cards.

Drop the Game if You Don’t Have Jokers

A novice player would stress out right after finding zero jokers in their hand but we must tell you that is not the end of the game.

Make best use of the allotted cards to build your pure sequence. Your priority should be melding a pure sequence first. There are thousands of permutations and combinations possible in 13 card online rummy, we think a player should wait for 2-3 rounds before dropping out of the game.

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