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5 Top Secret Tips to Win Online Rummy Games

Some online rummy tips and tricks have the potential to put you way ahead in the game. The quest to look for new unbeatable online rummy strategy tips is an unending process. From learning the basic rules of online rummy to getting hold of the more advanced strategy tips to knowing how to read your opponents tells, online rummy is indeed a complex sport to play. 

If you think you are still at the nascent stage of learning how to play rummy online, then you have landed on the right website. Let’s dive to understand the most crucial online rummy strategy today.

Choose which Format Suits Your Playing Style

RummyBaazi, India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy site offers all formats and variants of online rummy games. You have got free entry tournaments, cash games and real money tournaments to choose from. It all depends on your playing style, how aggressively or patiently you play. 

Pick one variant of online rummy games and stick with it until you become an unbeatable pro at it. 

Here’s a helpful link on how to pick the perfect online rummy variant for yourself: Which rummy variant suits your personality!

Follow the Red-Black-Red Pattern to Arrange your Cards

This trick of arranging your cards can save you from making silly mistakes such as discarding a valuable card from your hand. Do not keep all your reds and blacks stacked up together because our human eyes may sometimes read incorrectly. 

Keep a Check on Your points all Along

All experienced online rummy gamers keep a close eye on their points in order to decrease the gravity of their loss. Try discarding high points carrying face cards if you see that you cannot turn them into sets or sequences within a couple of rounds. 

Also Read : How to Ace With and Without Jokers

Try not to Give out Tells from Your Moves

Remember all your opponents when they play rummy online are as observant as you plan to be in a game, so try not to give any kind of hints to them. Try not to pick cards from the open-faced discard pile. Pick a card from that pile only if that card completes a pure sequence for you. 

Never Accept Defeat too Early

Quitting a game shouldn’t the first thing to do if you end up getting a below average hand. Keep reshuffling your cards. Wait around for a couple of rounds and drop the game only if you don’t build a pure sequence during those rounds. 

Free Entry Tournaments to Kick-start Your Winning Journey!

12K Free Entry Tournaments

Practice makes a man perfect and what better way to learn how to play rummy online than by playing free entry tournaments. Pose a threat to your opponents with your edgy skills. 

Play Free Entry Tournaments on RummyBaazi running four times a day and win from 12,000 EVERY DAY for free! Join these online rummy games at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM & 6 PM. 

See you at the tables!

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How to Win in Pool Rummy: Tips and Strategy

Unknown to many, the most popular card game in India, rummy, has travelled far and wide and has been influenced by the cultures of different countries and local regions. This led to the birth of over 60 variations of the rummy game, each with their own gameplay, scoring system, tricks and strategies. Pool rummy is one such popular variation that has caught attention among online rummy fans in India.

RummyBaazi currently features 3 popular variations of the game- Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. Pool rummy, is perhaps, the most underrated version of the three which is why we shall take on this subject today and discuss some easy to apply pool rummy tips and strategy that can help you master this variant in no time.

Exclusive Pool Rummy Tips and Strategy

Before we directly head to pool rummy strategy, let us lay down the basic pool rummy rules as a heads up for those who are new to this variant. Pool rummy is of two kinds- 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. 

Both are sub variants of Pool Rummy that have been segregated according to their cut off points. That means any player who reaches 101/201 points or more in this game is automatically eliminated and the last standing player is the one with the least number of points.  Dropping in 101/201 pool rummy game costs you 20/25 points.

Moving on, let’s talk about some pool rummy tips and strategy for your next game so that you can improve your win rate in pool rummy.

  • Pure Sequence is your Main Goal

We cannot stress enough on how important it is form a pure sequence in any variant of online rummy game. Having a pure sequence at the earliest gives you the extra edge and time needed to freely form the rest of the combinations at the earliest before someone overtakes your game and declares first.

  • Keep a Tab on your Points

When playing this game, you need to be mindful of Pool rummy rules and its cut off points at all times. For example, if a game consists of five rounds, your aim should be to win at least 2 out of 5 rounds and keep the score in the remaining rounds to the minimum of 10/20 points in 101/201 rummy. This way, you keep your overall score less and avoid an abrupt elimination. When you are playing pool rummy especially for cash, it would make no sense to play so many rounds only to end up getting eliminated midway and lose your money!

  • Learn to Drop at the Right Time

This might sound silly but dropping is a crucial pool rummy strategy and an art in itself. Never get tempted to play because of the prize money during the game. Every pool rummy game is played in rounds. It is seldom possible to win them all as a lot depends on the cards you receive in each round. 

A working pool rummy strategy here would be to decide at the very first stance whether to drop right away or play the game. If you do not have connectors or any joker in the beginning, it is pointless to pursue the game. Middle drop is never a good option in Pool rummy, you are most likely to get eliminated at some point in the game.

  • Focus on the Table

If you wish to increase your win rate in Pool rummy game, it is vital you not just focus on your game but also keep a constant eye on your opponent’s moves. You do not want to drop any such card that can help your opponents to complete their combinations quicker than you. Also, in pool rummy like all other variants, you should profile your opponents on the table to figure out their style of play so as to counter their moves and deceive them from time to time.

So, we hope these pool rummy tips and strategy help you understand this rummy variant better to achieve consistent success in the game. RummyBaazi features both 101 Pool rummy and 201 Pool rummy cash games. Go hit the tables now!

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More Fun Facts & Myths of Indian Rummy Games Debunked For You

A game so deep rooted in not just our singular memories but in Indian culture, rummy games have been a relentless source of joy, laughs, jokes and blissful times with friends and family. This century old game has been around for over a century now and as such, it carries some intriguing fun facts that needs to be told and few myths that need to be busted.

If you are a true Indian rummy fan, we are certain you would love to know these fun facts about your most beloved card game of all times. We shared some earlier, here are some more!

More fun facts about Rummy

Busting Apart Myths From Facts

Mother of All Card Games

Rummy’s origin has been contested for a long time now. We mentioned this earlier how it crossed vast seas and lands. The arguments of its origins have been contested, some say it came from the land of Mexico, some say, even the Mexico game called Conquian actually derived its name from the Chinese card game called Khanhoo. Then, there are some who believed rummy first originated in Spain.

It doesn’t end there. Rumours are also widespread that rummy led to the birth of many more card games such as Bridge. Now, doesn’t it make it the mother of all card games?

Rummy is a Gambling Game

There is a significant chunk of players who believe online rummy to be a game of chance which means you need to gamble your stakes based on the allotted cards. This is the most ridiculous myth.

Indian Rummy is a purely skill based card game that thrives on a few core abilities of a player- good  grasp of game theory, strategic gaming and understanding basic mathematics. The Supreme Court had marked rummy as a skill game and legalized it as early as 1968 and allowed it to play for stakes. This is because in rummy games, there exists a strict element of competition as it is a score driven game wherein the result of the game is purely derived from the skillset and individual experience of a rummy player.

Indian Rummy is boring

Those who play rummy online regularly on RummyBaazi or has played the traditional game at some point of time would know, rummy is one of the most exciting card games that has the potential to hook players for long uninterrupted fun filled sessions.

As we said earlier, the element of competition is high among online rummy fans which is why rummy tournaments are held where players nationwide assemble together to test their competency in this skill game and claim some coveted rewards. 

Rummy has only one variation

Whosoever still believes you cannot play online rummy games after a certain point due to its simple nature, let us reiterate the fact that rummy is probably one of the rarest games that has over 60 different variations influenced by various regional and cultural influences from too many nations. 

In fact, RummyBaazi itself offers three exciting online rummy variations to tweak your appetite for the game. Feel free to play rummy online anytime and switch between three thrilling variants namely- Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy. All three variants feature unique game rules and score systems that require players to adjust their game strategy accordingly.

Card Games are a waste of time

Some say card games are a waste of time, some say entertaining ourselves by playing online rummy games is not good behaviour due to the tag of gambling associated with it. However, after the Supreme Court reiterated in its judgment in 2015 that rummy is a game of skill, and playing it for stakes doesn’t amount to gambling, it helped to stir the birth of numerous online rummy sites in recent times.

Today, the online rummy games community has been growing in popularity due to its many rewarding features Online rummy sites such as ours offer highly rewarding value both in cash and kind to all those who play online rummy games and test their skills on our platform. In addition, RummyBaazi follows all the rules, regulations and required practices of responsible gaming so that your love  to play rummy online do not lead to obsession in any form.

Read more about responsible gaming here.

Are you satisfied with these facts today? If yes, go hit the tables without hesitation and continue to enjoy our promotions only on RummyBaazi.

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Insider Tips to Score the Highest in Online Rummy Cash Games

We know you have been having a thrilling time this month around on RummyBaazi. A heavy amount of action is centered on the cash rummy tables this month as the September Cash Dash took off on a blazing start. It’s a taxing race to the top with 2 mounting leaderboards witnessing cut-throat competition among all online rummy fans like you to claim what’s rightfully yours.

Is the competition getting hard on you? Are you on the edge due to such high volume relentless gaming? Is the urge to recover your recent losses affecting your performance and results? Let us then help you slice the competition into half so that you can speed up facing less friction at the online rummy tables.

  • Find the Right Table

The first and foremost thing you need to reconsider while choosing to play cash rummy games on RummyBaazi is to pick the table that’s right for you. If you are new to online rummy cash games, we say you start at the bottom and refrain from playing games for higher buy-ins. Try to score best in the mid category and give your best shot. Do not worry, the rewards are plenty and so, you can still win a generous amount of prize money no matter which leaderboard you aim for.

  • Find the Right Game

It’s important no matter what game you play, it should be your favorite and the element of fun shouldn’t fade away. So, when you have set goals in mind and are willing to go the extra mile with your skills to claim your rightful space in the Leaderboards, make sure you stick to your favorite variant that gives you better results on a frequent basis. For instance, if you fare better in Points rummy cash games, stick to this variant to achieve better results.

  • Expand Your Range

When you play online rummy cash games, you have to think beyond your own allotted set of cards especially if you wish to score high on the September Cash Dash leaderboards. It’s not just how perfect your moves are to beat your opponents hands down, you also need to hover your eyes around the table and track your opponent’s moves and watch what cards they pick and throw, This is crucial so that you do not end up catalyzing your opponents’ game by throwing away cards they might need to win the game!

  • Boost your Bankroll with RummyBaazi Deposit Codes

Those of you who didn’t know, the September Cash Dash is also offering a couple of highly rewarding bonus laded online rummy codes for each exclusive leaderboard. As you might be aware, the two leaderboards shall run in two phases- 1st-15th Sept and 16th-30th Sept. All players can use these bonus codes twice by making a minimum deposit during the active period of the Leaderboards and win instant bonuses up to 20,000 on their deposits. This means you can win bonus money for free and use them to push your game and rank ever higher on the Leaderboard. 

The idea is to encourage players to be an active part of this stellar competition and these bonus rummy codes augment your chances to win bountiful rewards through your acquired skills in online rummy cash games.

Here are the deposit codes and their winning amount.








20% Instant Bonus


1st-15th SEPT



20% Instant Bonus


16th-30th SEPT


So, if your bankroll is running low due to the high volume of games you have been engaging yourself with so far, use these online rummy codes to your favour and keep the action going until you reach your mark on the tables of RummyBaazi.

Happy Gaming!

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5 Common Misinterpretations of Online Rummy Strategies

All new and intermediate online rummy players apply strategies to convert their skills into big winnings. However, only the pros know how to actually apply online rummy strategy the right way to pocket big paydays.

All online rummy tips and strategies can be interpreted differently. Let’s debunk some misconceptions around them!

Rummy Misconceptions

Drop the Game if You are Having Below Average Cards

It is usually said that if you think you have irredeemable cards then you need to immediately drop the game. By following this this tip while playing online rummy, you can avoid losing more points than you should have.

However, there is a flip side to this online rummy strategy. Players fear the loss of a few points and decide to quit even when they could have revived themselves at the 13 card online rummy table. Ideally, a player should at least play one to two rounds before coming to a conclusion.

This is where we need grit and confidence about which we discussed in our previous blog.

Here’s where you can find it: 5 characteristics of a rummy player.

Chances of You Winning the Game are High With More Jokers.

Just like too many cooks can spoil the broth, too many jokers can spoil your game. Obsessing over jokers cannot take any online rummy player anywhere. Focus on building your pure sequence first.

Although, jokers make your way to the finish line a bit easier, absence of it can’t decide the end of the game for you.

Tossing Out High Value Cards Just because you Read it Somewhere

All articles on how to play rummy stresses on the fact that players should discard high value cards in order to decrease their points. However, only players who study the game closely will know that they can wait for 1-2 rounds if they have connected high value cards.

Do not follow basic online rummy strategy and tips blindly just because an expert said it. Try to make as many rational decisions as you can.

Your Sets and Sequences Cannot Have More Than Four Cards

Your melds can have more than 4 cards, but it would be smart to make use of them separately. However, the online rummy rule book doesn’t say that you cannot use more than four cards to build a meld.

FUN FACT: An online rummy tip to ponder! Did you know that a sequence can have maximum 13 cards because each suit has that many cards.

Drop the Game if You Don’t Have Jokers

A novice player would stress out right after finding zero jokers in their hand but we must tell you that is not the end of the game.

Make best use of the allotted cards to build your pure sequence. Your priority should be melding a pure sequence first. There are thousands of permutations and combinations possible in 13 card online rummy, we think a player should wait for 2-3 rounds before dropping out of the game.

Take these online rummy tips by heart and convert your skills into massive wins at India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi! We host several cash games, tournaments, depositor’s freeroll and free entry tournaments every day across different variants and stakes. Visit our lobby now to get started!

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Online Rummy Tips to Own the Pool Rummy Tables

If you love yourself some adventure every now and then, then this online rummy variant – pool rummy should be your choice because it keeps you on the edge of your seat! Online Pool rummy requires a fixed fee submitted by all players to enter a pool rummy table. Remember, as per the principal pool rummy rules, all players have to try and maintain their points below 101 or 201 depending of n the variant, to avoid instant elimination!

What is Pool Rummy?

Let’s begin with the basic rules of pool rummy online - each online rummy gaming session starts with all the players ‘pooling in’ or ‘chipping in’ real money to start the game. All the pooled in money forms the total prize pool.

If you are new to this variant of online rummy games, you should know there are two formats of Pool Rummy: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. A game session typically ends when all the players (except one) bite the dust by reaching the cut off mark- 101 or 201 points. The last player standing in the end, the sole survivor at the table is declared the winner!

The basic objective in Pool Rummy rules, like any other variant of online rummy is to score the least number of points amongst all your opponents throughout the game to become the winner.

Now that the basic rules of pool rummy are clear to you, let’s prepare you with some excellent online rummy tips to play Pool Rummy like a pro.

Pool Rummy Rules and Strategies

  • Be Extra Wary of Your Opponents 

If you have to own the online pool rummy tables, you certainly need to step up your game as in this variant, players need to be extra cautious and cast an eagle’s eye on their opponents. Melding valid sets and sequences won’t be any good if your opponents are sitting across the table and manipulating you to serve their ends. 

Don’t get too engrossed in building your melds and miss all the chance of picking information about your opponents via their discarded and picked cards. 

  • Keep Shuffling Your Cards to Meld Better Sets & Sequences

One of the most important online pool rummy tips is that never meld a set or a sequence and then forget about it. Keep shuffling your cards even if you have built a successful meld. Aim for the best possible hand you can meld.

Pool Rummy Tips

  • Be Extremely Quick on Your Feet

Stressing further on the former pool rummy strategy and tips discussed above, try to make quick decisions. In 101 and 201 Pool rummy, you need to maintain those points below the cut-off limit and achieving that feat cannot be done without being quick on your feet.

  • Keep a Close Check on the Idle Cards You are Holding

Another important pool rummy tip is to do away with your idle cards if they can’t be used in a prospective set or sequence. So, if you have a few cards sitting around idle for two or more rounds, discard them.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then playing online pool rummy should be your go-to rummy variant. It keeps you on your feet as you play against the cut off limit throughout the game to survive.

Currently, RummyBaazi offers two pool rummy variants: 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. To accommodate all kinds of online rummy players, there are several tables available with different bet sizes for various buy-ins. The bet sizes offered on our tables range between 5 and 500. So, hit the pool rummy tables and create your winning streak right away!

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Online Rummy Tips: How to Ace With and Without Jokers

Playing with jokers can be a little tricky in online rummy. If the rummy gods are being good to you, you need to make them proud by using those jokers the correct way and make it till the finish line even without them! The world of online rummy for real money can get overwhelming at times, so we are here to make all our Baazigars the best of them all!

Getting too many or too less jokers in your hand can be a tricky situation in rummy games. Today, we are going to discuss some advanced online rummy strategy and tips that can be your rocket fuel for your winnings even at times when the joker couldn’t make it in time!

Let’s dive into some out of the box online rummy tips on how to be a badass rummy player with or without your favorite trump card.

Playing Smart Without Jokers:

  • Keep a Closer Tab on Your Opponents.

Now, that we don’t have any jokers on our side, we need to be building our hand cautiously. Observe more closely what cards are picked and/or discarded by your opponents. We know this online rummy strategy tip has been repeated over and over again but we tend to forget it once the game begins.

  • Make it a Habit to Pick Cards from the Closed Deck

This is one of those online rummy tips that goes both ways, whether you have jokers or not. If you have the habit of picking only from the closed deck then you are giving away the least number of tells to your opponent. However, feel free to pick a card from the discard pile only when you are closer to your objective.

Rummy Tips

  • Keep Counting Your Points

It’s better to drop the game if you have hit a muck, a gutter hand that can’t be redeemed. In such a scenario, it’s better to drop out and lose with lesser points. Another tip for you, when you are counting your points is to keep discarding high value cards, especially when you are out of luck with jokers.

  • Make Sets of Maximum Cards

Another crucial move you can add to your online rummy strategy is to make sets with maximum number of cards. By using these online rummy tips, you could potentially not give away any tells to your opponents that can be helpful to buy you some time when you have no jokers on your side.

Playing Smart With Jokers:

  • Pure Sequence should be the First Job to Knock Off the Table

All the blogs on how to play online rummy and its rules have established the fact that a Pure Sequence should be your top priority. Without that, your hand will be declared invalid. So, instead of fixating on jokers, focus on building a pure sequence first.

  • Put Aside the Jokers

Stressing on the point above, when you play online rummy, pure life aka pure sequence is the priority. So without any hold-up, group your jokers and simply forget about them. Do not look at them before melding your pure sequence. It’s a golden rummy tip that can put you way ahead in the game.

  • Get Away with the Cards Closer to Your Wild Jokers

You won’t find rummy tricks like these anywhere else. Discard cards near to your joker, this will help you use your jokers for the role they carry and not be a part of a pure sequence.

For example: you have 5c as a joker and 7c and 6c also. Discarding these cards will never help your opponents because they will not use their jokers to meld a pure sequence.

  • Too Many Jokers Spoil the Game

They say, too many cooks spoil the broth. In online rummy, celebrating the fact that you have more than one joker won’t take you anywhere. This is one of the common rummy mistakes players new to the sport make and you don’t want to remain in the newbie category, right?

  • Wild Jokers can be Used in Two Different Ways

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Before we start, note that the online rummy strategy we are going to discuss should be used ONLY when you think you have hit an irredeemable hand. Since the thumb rule of online rummy is to meld a pure sequence first, use your wild joker for the value it carries.

For example: You have a 8h as a wild joker and 7h – 9h, while the rest of the hand seems hard to redeem. Use that 7c for the value it carries. This will help you in decreasing your points and simultaneously cushion your fall to defeat.

Rummy has been one of the most loved card games in our country for decades which is why online rummy in India is growing in leaps and bounds today. Join in with your newly acquired knowledge of how to play online rummy without jokers only on India’s Most Trusted and Rewarding Site in India, RummyBaazi!

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Level Up Your Game This Lockdown with These Online Rummy Strategy Tips

Let’s enjoy every moment we have to ourselves and with our families during this lockdown, who knows when this opportunity will come back. And what better way to spend these days than by playing online rummy!

For those who have recently discovered RummyBaazi, we’re delighted to inform you that this is our birthday month. Since we are known for being the most trusted and rewarding rummy site in India, we are on a rewarding this spree this month. Apart from more lucrative options for online rummy tournaments and cash games, we’re also giving away up to 354% bonus every week in April! So join in, play online rummy and win real cash prizes. To know more about our weekly promotions codes, Claim 30 Special Online Rummy Offers all 30 Days of the Month!

First things first, let’s learn how to play 13 card rummy like a pro.

Here are some online rummy strategy tips for you to ace at the tables and give your opponents run for their money:

  1. Reverse the Strategy of Discarding High Value Cards

This smart online rummy strategy could come handy at the rummy tables if you play online rummy against experienced players. It is usually advised that in order to decrease your points, a rummy player should discard high value cards such as face cards like Kings and Queens.

However, if you have a King and Jack, you can wait for two moves for your opponents to discard that queen for you. It wouldn’t be a nice idea to keep waiting for more than two rounds though.

  1. Discard Cards Near to Your Wild Joker

This is one of the most crucial online rummy tips very few people would tell you. Any smart player wouldn’t want to waste their wild joker to make a pure sequence. So, a wiser online rummy strategy would be to discard cards of near value to your wild joker, unless you can use those cards in other sets or sequences.

  1. Throw a Bait to Catch the Weaklings

This should be your second major move in your list of online rummy strategies right after building your pure sequence. Be observant as you discard your cards. See which one of those you discard have been picked by your opponents.

For example, if you discard a Queen of spades and your opponent picks it, you might not want to discard cards closer to it (such as a ten of spades).

  1. Don’t Miss Another Advantage of Numbered Cards

We all know face cards put us at a huge risk of ending up with the highest points on the rummy table. However, what we miss out on is that these face cards do come with many permutations and combinations. It’s the numbered cards which can be put in different sets and sequences.

  1. The Discard Pile Gives Out all the Tells on Your Opponent

Right after you are done with your pure sequence, a great online rummy strategy would be to make decisions based on what you see in the discard pile. Keep an eye on what your opponents are picking and discarding. It’s an open book to victory more than half of the rummy regulars overlook as they are so immersed into building their melds.

If you are new to this skill card game, here’s your kick-start. You can begin your winning streak with our all-new 5K Free Entry Tournaments. They go live 5 times a day at 8 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM and 6 PM. So, this means you can play online rummy for FREE and win from 25,000 EVERY DAY!

See you at the tables.

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Online Rummy Tips: How to Handle Jokers

Getting jokers in your cards can be both good and bad for you in online rummy. If the rummy gods are being good to you, you need to make them proud by using those jokers the correct way! The world of online rummy for real money can be bit tiresome, but we’re here to make all our Baazigars the best of them all!

Today, we’re going to discuss some advanced online rummy strategy and tips that can be rocket fuel for your winnings! Getting too many or too less jokers in your hand can be a tricky situation in online rummy.

Let’s dive in right away!

 Advanced online rummy strategy to use with jokers:

Rummy Pure Sequence

 1.       Pure Sequence should be a primary concern

All the blogs on how to play online rummy and its rules have established the fact that pure sequence is what you should a priority. Without that, your hand will be declared invalid. So without fixating on jokers, focus on building a pure sequence.

 Here’s a helpful link on the basic rules on how to play online rummy: How to play online rummy like a pro

 2.       Put aside the jokers

In 13-card online rummy, pure life also called pure sequence is the priority. So without any delay, group your jokers and set them aside. Do not look at them before melding your pure sequence. It’s a golden online rummy tip and has the ability to take you places.

 3.       Dispose of cards closer to your wild jokers

This is one of the most unique online rummy trick. Discard cards near to your joker. For example: you have 6s as a joker and 4s, 7s and 5s also. Discarding these cards will never help your opponents because they will not use their jokers to meld a pure sequence.

 4.      Too many jokers spoil the game

They say, too many cooks spoil the broth. In online rummy fixating on the fact that you have more than one joker can be the reason of your doom. This is some of the common online rummy mistakes new players make and you don’t want to remain in the newbie category, right!

 5.       Wild jokers have a dual role to play

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Let’s establish the fact that the online rummy strategy we’re going to discuss should be used ONLY when you think you’ve hit a gutter hand.

Since the golden rule of online rummy is to build a pure life, use your wild joker for the value it carries.

For example: You have a 7c as a wild joker and 5c – 6c, while the rest of the hand seems hard to redeem. Use that 7c for the value it carries. This will significantly decrease the gravity of your defeat on the rummy table.

Now that you’ve acquired some new set of skills, playing online money for real money can be a cake walk for you.

Let’s see what does India’s most rewarding rummy site, RummyBaazi has in store for you!

Daily Dhamaka: 25K Daily Depositor FreeRoll

Every day is about big winnings on RummyBaazi! Enter using code ‘200ka20K’ on a minimum deposit of ₹200 and win from ₹25,000 EVERY DAY! You can also use this deposit amount to join more online rummy cash games and tournaments!

Weekend Wonder: 50K RB Sunday Special

Spice up your Sunday with this online rummy tournament. Opt-in with a deposit code (50KSUNDAY) on a minimum deposit of ₹2,000 and stand a chance to win from ₹50,000 EVERY SUNDAY!

Exciting additions to Baazi Rewards

Online rummy in India has been taken a notch ahead with our upgraded Baazi Rewards. Baazi Rewards is RummyBaazi’s industry-leading rewards program that has gotten a recent upgrade with new and exciting prizes. So hit as many online cash games as you can and claim the latest additions to the rewards list such as an iPhone 11 Pro, OnePlus 7T, a trip to Goa worth ₹70,000, JBL Speaker, Vivo smartphone worth ₹15,000 and real cash prizes up to ₹2 LAKH.

 Real money online rummy awaits to reward you with your new rummy skills. Get your game on with the best online rummy site in India, RummyBaazi!

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How to Play A Weak Hand in Online Rummy

Facing a bad day at the rummy tables? Are your cards not helping you win that massive amount of real cash? Do you think that your cards cannot resurrect you from a major downswing in online rummy? You are at mistake if you think so.

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