Prime Time Fun with OTT Platforms or Online Cash Games on RummyBaazi?

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04 February 2021

Why RummyBaazi over Netflix Why RummyBaazi over Netflix

The lockdown got us all cooped up inside our homes and inevitably led us to explore the wonders of the online realm so that we could escape boredom and maybe even looming depression! 2020 has not been easy for most of us, however, since every new situation gives birth to brand new original trends, 2020 pandemic too saw a stunning development in two key behavioral trends in India.

Over the top (OTT) platforms and Online cash games. 

These two sources of entertainment have dominated the year of 2020 on an unprecedented level. While the biggest sectors and industries globally suffered appalling setbacks, things have looked up for real money rummy apps and OTT platforms. With theatres closed, gyms shut and live events coming to an abrupt halt, the brunt is on the millennial couple to keep audience engaged with fresh and original online content.

The audience has now sampled both kinds and enjoyed sufficient relief and respite from the stressful pandemic. Now, it’s verdict time. Which one did the job better? 

If you think about it, it’s awesome to chill with Netflix or Amazon Prime but things go only as far after a while. You cannot afford to spill in chunks of hours on streaming platforms mindlessly, you need a break when the drama takes a toll, that’s where real rummy money apps come into play.

Every platform is locking horns for your attention and OTT platforms have surely got their steady stream of content, but how about learning a new skill and earn real cash with online rummy cash games?

In this blog, we tell you why real money rummy apps could offer much more than just entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! 

Rummy is Better than Netflix

Why the Latter is Better?

  1. OTT platforms can surely help you kill time but online rummy cash games allow players to learn and hone a new skill helping to keep those neurons busy and keep up the excitement even for those whose WFM routine has turned monotonous by now.

  2. You pay to watch your favorite series but in real money rummy apps, you play to win real cash every time! RummyBaazi is a free app and comes with an instant play button too! Simply hit the lobby and play rummy games according to your bankroll. On our platform, you pay for exactly what you play for and in return, you get rewarded with cash prizes and exciting gifts every time! Could you say the same for OTTs?

  3. Consuming TV shows and movies are a passive source of entertainment but playing online rummy cash games demand your active involvement. Online cash games are live entertainment with a profound sense of competition. The thrill of playing a live match or a tournament with players from around the country is unmatched even when compared to the fun offered by online rummy online OTT platforms.

  4. One doesn’t have the amount of time needed for a movie watch every day, but a game of online rummy doesn’t take more than 5 minutes! A quick run and you are fresh as a daisy. Simply hit the cash tables, pick a game of your preferred stakes and win a game in less than 5 minutes!

  5. Any OTT platform requires a continuous monthly subscription fee in order to enjoy uninterrupted content. It doesn’t matter whether you watched a single move or 10 movies in a month, or if you managed to finish the entire season of your current TV series, your subscription ends abruptly without compromise. 

  6. Real money rummy apps come with no conditions. No registration fee, nothing at all! Conversely, if you choose RummyBaazi, you shall get rewarded on your first deposit! The latter the better all the way!

  7. Be it Netflix or Amazon Prime, new users can enjoy free content only for a month! On RummyBaazi, you have the freedom to play free online rummy games as long as you want. No one’s going to force you to play online cash games until you are ready and confident with your skills.

Any smart group of audience will prefer playing rummy online cash games and choose to get rewarded more than spending endless time on OTT platforms. If you think the reasons we cited above blend with yours, do give our platform a try today and explore a brand new world of entertainment, competition and unlimited rewards only on India’s Most rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi!

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