The Tale of Indian Rummy - Ancient Theories of Origin

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06 July 2021

tale-of-indian-rummy tale-of-indian-rummy

Well, we all play Indian Rummy a lot and have enjoyed these card games with our loved ones or a group of pals for ages. The irony, however, is that many card players are unaware of the origins and history of their favourite card game, Indian Rummy. Rummy reigns supreme when it comes to classic skill games. Indian Rummy are card melding games that are entirely based on one's skill but did we stop to contemplated even once where it all began?  

Let’s get an idea over it!

In this blog, we underwent extensive research and discovered that Indian Rummy game is thought to have several roots, the most widely cited of which is that the game originated in Spain.

Spanish Origin Theory

The Spanish card game-based theory is the most widely accepted proposition about the evolution of Indian rummy games. Conquian, a game that originated in Spain or Mexico, has strong roots similar to Indian rummy games.  It is said that it was created in Spain, and that some Spaniards moved to America in the 19th century, spreading the game's popularity. Conquian is the original rummy variation from which all other rummy variants e.g., 13 Card Rummy game derived.

Is the Asian theory there?

While Spain is given the most recognition for the creation of rummy card games, another hypothesis suggests that the Asian theory is also linked up to the Indian Rummy games. And that has been shown through the Chinese card game Mahjong, which is played in the same pick-and-drop method as 13 card rummy. This game indicates Rummy has its origins in China too. Mahjong games are similar to 13 card rummy games, in which a player forms combinations out of 13 cards dealt at the beginning of an Indian rummy game.

Another theory on the table is that of Japan claiming Indian rummy emerged from the Japanese game ‘Hanafuda’, which was invented by Portuguese people who were travelling to Japan. 

Origin of the Name ‘Rummy’

When the game became popular worldwide, it was given the term ‘Rummy’, which is taken from the British slang ‘Rum,' which means peculiar or unusual. The word is also claimed to have originated from the alcoholic beverage rum, because the victorious player was expected to pay for the next round of drinks.

Did Rummy Games Exist During World War One?

The Rummy game was most likely born in 1915 at coffee shop tables in Budapest’s Pest district from which it became a popular choice among the locals. So, we can infer that it existed during WW1. 

Are Rummy and Poker Cousins? - John Scarne Theory

Many competing hypotheses claim that Indian rummy/ 13 card rummy is related to poker, as proposed by the game, Whiskey Poker. This poker game is almost similar to the 13 card rummy games which we play today. This game was later dubbed as Rum Poker.

Why did the Indian Card Rummy Game become so popular?

Even though Indian Rummy and the 13 card Rummy games are simple to learn and play, they are nevertheless a lot of fun. Every time you play these rummy games, you'll be faced with new hurdles, but that are achievable, giving an sense of gratification to players. To play well, rummy players must use their cognitive effort and be strategic with their combinations. Another explanation for its recent surge in popularity is that during the tough times of COVID-19, when people preferred to remain indoors and entertain themselves with inexpensive games, Indian Rummy games seemed to help players kill boredom and also earn some extra dough!

Final Thoughts

We can't be sure which hypothesis is true when it comes to the many roots of Indian rummy games. What is evident, however, is that the game has crossed all boundaries to achieve worldwide popularity. However, as technology progressed, rummy games transitioned from an offline to an internet format, resulting in a wonderful tech-savvy avatar. Indian rummy has risen in popularity throughout time, and today Online Rummy playing platform, RummyBaazi is surpassing all prior records by helping players enjoy incredible winning streaks with the best in class rummy promotions and offers. 

You may play rummy online anytime, anyplace using this rummy app, regardless of where you are located in India. You also don't have to worry about bringing a card deck because all you have to do is log in to the RummyBaazi app, select your preferred variation, and begin playing.

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