Songs for Different Moments in An Online Rummy Game

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25 September 2019

Songs for Different Moments Songs for Different Moments

When words fail to express, you resort to music. The only different is that when you are sad you listen to the lyrics and when you are happy, you feel the beats. Just like life, an online rummy game is also full of several happy and sad moments. Here are the songs that we think can describe these situations better. Can’t relate? Just let us know in the comments section that which songs, according to you, describe these moments better. 

 1. When the KYC gets approved - Apna Time Aaega


2. When you pick a card from the closed deck and it’s a Joker   – Dene Wale Jab Bhi Deta

3. When you discard a useful card by mistake – Jag Soona Soona

 4 When someone makes a wrong show– Bhootni Ke

 5. When all the players drop the game and you end up winning the hand -– Badshah O Badshah


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