Is Real Money Rummy Scam or Within the Legit territory in India?

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15 January 2021

Rummy Game For Real Money Rummy Game For Real Money

Real money rummy games are viewed by a certain community with skepticism. With no fault of their own, this is largely due to ignorance of the basic facts on part of the intrigued player. You may be interested in playing skill based real money games which is why you are here but have been hesitant due to these rumours and apprehensions. 

This blog is dedicated to kill these rumours for good and bring forth the truth to all you curious Benjamins right here and now so that you may take an informed decision and bring your game face to the tables without second thoughts.

If you are wondering if real money online rummy sites are scam and intend to rob you of your money, review these facts below and think again. Make sure the real money rummy site in question has earmarked these features on their website and we can assure you, your money will be right where it belongs, with you.

Real Money Rummy Gaming Facts

Real Money Rummy Gaming Facts


In order to function without any challenge, real money rummy game sites in India must follow the government rules and regulations in the country and the individual states in question. To state the facts, rummy has been declared a skill based game by the honourable Supreme Court of India and hence, can be legally played in the country.

However, states such as Assam, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Odisha prohibit any form of money based games, therefore, real money rummy games must follow suit as well. So, as long as you do not reside in these states, feel free to play rummy online for real money.

RummyBaazi too, doesn’t offer real money rummy games in these states but you can still play free online rummy games on the app anytime you want and keep the entertainment coming.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption is a standard security technology that encrypts the data shared between the server and the client and keeps it secure and private. It is an essential internet security protocol that every website must implement so that any form of private data shared by the client, say a user’s credit card information remains visible only to the website with whom you shared it.

RummyBaazi implements this SSL technology in the website to keep your online transactions to play real money online rummy games absolutely safe and secure from any third party apps.

RNG Certification

Probably, this third element will put your apprehensions to rest permanently. RNG is an abbreviation for Random Number Generator, a software that shuffles and distributes cards in a gaming app in no particular order keeping the element of unpredictability and fair gaming intact at all times. To verify whether online rummy apps implement this software on their app, we advise you to check the official online rummy website. This certification is a valid proof that the website where you play online rummy for real money practices fair gaming and is rig-proof.

Customer Care Support

Customer care support is essential to maintain trust and a working relationship with the players who like to play online rummy games for real money. This is helpful for a user any hour of the day in case they have a query or issue or a complaint that needs immediate redressal. 

RummyBaazi also offers 24*7 customer support to all users and players on RummyBaazi. Do not worry if your transactions get stuck or you have any confusion or query regarding any game, we will resolve them in a jiffy! You can reach us through email or directly on facebook anytime.

So, next time if someone hits you with any apprehensions, feel free to share these facts and relieve them of their worries and maybe even invite them to join our trusted online rummy community!

See you at the tables!

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