Playing Cards Symbols in Rummy- What Do They Really Mean?

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16 July 2021

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Most of us are unaware of the history that is packed into a single deck of cards. The name of card games, colours and playing cards symbols alter depending on their ancestry and the inclinations of card players. Card games in India are cultural traits that demonstrate prevalent practise and traditions. In this blog, we look into the history and facts behind nearly every deck of playing cards symbols in the world and their meanings and origins. Sit back and enjoy reading.

Cards Symbols: History, Meaning & Origin

Have you ever wondered what are the meanings of the four cards symbols – heart (), club (), spade (), and diamond ()?

These playing cards symbols have diverse meanings for different individuals. Some people believe that red suits symbolize happiness while black suits signify melancholy. Some cultures associate these cards symbols with seasons, while others describe them as light or dark, and so on.

Three Methods to Decipher Playing Cards Symbols:

  • The four powerful pillars of the middle-aged economy are depicted by the emblems on suits. The Heart represents the Church, the Spade symbol imply the military, the Clubs indicate agriculture, and the Diamond signifies the merchant class according to the playing cards symbols in various card games. Furthermore, it is stated that 52 cards in a deck equals 52 weeks in a year. The king of hearts is also known as the Suicide king as he as a sword passing through his head. Else, all have their own kings and own queens.

  • The four suits in card games, according to the second interpretation, represent four different seasons. The spring season is symbolized by the heart symbol. It also refers to the time of a person's life when everything else begins. The summer season is represented by the club's emblem. These playing cards symbols also refers to the adolescent stage of a person's life. The diamond symbol represents autumn or fall. It also refers to a person's adult life stage. This card suit alternatively symbolizes the game's progression and responsibility. The winter season is portrayed by the last spade symbol. The spade symbol refers to a person's old and difficult period of life.

  • The final interpretation of playing cards symbols relates to four distinct and interesting components. The element of air is represented by the diamond symbol, whereas the element of water is symbolized by the spade symbol, the element of earth is defined by the club, and the element fire is depicted by the heart symbol.

Moving on, this wall is dedicated to the deciphering of suits in playing cards symbols. So, let's get to know at what the card's numbers and faces really mean.

Ace i.e., A stands for Aspiration. The number 2 stands for ‘Uniting’. 3 for belief and hope, the 4 depicts satisfaction and self-content, number 5 means change, 6 represents adaptation, Lucky 7 stands for the essence of winning, 8 is for the power, number 9 depicts a new start, and 10 represents success and triumph.

The kings, queens and jacks in playing cards symbols portray history’s most extraordinary figures. The King of Hearts is the king of France, Charles Charlemagne. The King of Spade is the king of Israel, David. The King of Club is the king of Macedonia, Alexander the great and the king of Diamond is none other than the king of Roman Caesar, Augustus.

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