Rummy- How and Where to Play Online Rummy Cash Games?

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29 April 2019

Our country is known for being rich in its culture and card games such as rummy going online are one of the part and parcel of this process. With online tutorials being published frequently, Indians have embraced online rummy wholeheartedly.

How to learn online rummy fast and free?

RummyBaazi is Baazi Games’ latest venture which is aiming to cater to the rising love for online rummy. Rummy lovers are now looking to learn Indian rummy and various different forms of the game. Therefore, in order to solve the difficulties faced by the players, we are making it a point to create a holistic educative webpage.

Just like any other skill-based game, online rummy requires skill, smart employment of memory and complete involvement in the game. Learning Indian online rummy is like trying to understand mathematics. It does not come to you without practice.

However, to have a beginning, following are a few tips and tricks to look at before starting a game of rummy:

  • Try to create a process: Get yourself your pure sequence first and then proceed ahead in the game.
  • Do not retain for long: Try to discard cards which carry high value. Do not linger for long with a specific card. On the other hand, look for smart cards, such as 7 or 8 which can be melded with different cards. Such as a 7 can be melded in sequences 7-8-9, 6-7-8 or 5-6-7.
  • Use the jokers judiciously: If a player is done with their pure sequence, then the second priority for him/her is to meld a non-pure sequence using the joker as soon as possible.

While the above points stand as a mere introduction, our website will contain a detailed explanation of how to learn online rummy fast and free.

If an occasional player feels incompetent to play online rummy cash games, then he/she can play freerolls on and practice to sharpen their skills. Following the legacy of, we are aiming to becomeIndia’s best 13 card rummy gaming website. The goal is to be trustworthy and exciting all at the same time. 

To ensure the completion of this task, our wish is to become your primary gaming app. However, this humongous target can be achieved only with the players’ love. To facilitate this process, we are working hard each day to help you learn Indian rummy in an easy manner. Trying to keep up with the exemplary footsteps of, RB’s motive is to become India’s best 13 card rummy website. We rest our case here in anticipation of your support.

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