Most Popular Online Games in India Since the 1990s

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28 January 2021

Popular Online Games in India Popular Online Games in India

If we take a look at the world of entertainment, online games are a big reason people like to spend time on their smartphones as they have been amazing stress busters in our taxing lives. Their popularity has soared like never before in the 21st century, truly transforming India into an online gaming hub. The easy access of playing popular online games on smartphones have been a catalyst for their growth and success and as new AI and technological updates continue to enhance the experience of most popular online games, there are some that stood out from the crowd.

In here, we are going to talk about some of the best and most popular online games in India that have taken the online gaming world by storm in the current decade and beyond.

Type of Online Games

If we had to categorize all the world’s popular online games, we could segregate them into two distinct kinds- action and skill based online games. Indubitably, the whole online gaming world is now invested in these two realms like never before. If you closely look at it, hard core gamers and adrenaline seekers are drawn to action based popular online games while casual players who play for recreation and some to earn money, play popular skill based online games immensely. Based on the length of growth and fandom, we will list the world’s best and most popular online games for PC as well as Android phones that are easily available in India.

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)


If any online game deserves credit for craze towards Battle Royale games, it’s got to be PUBG. The most acceptable reason for this game to be one of the best and most famous online games has to be its 100 player set up and realism. It’s popularity in India is also due to the fact that it's a free android game unlike its PC version and millions of users can access it without spending any real money.

A game of ultimate survival, with awesome graphics, unique game play and exciting weaponry that conjures into jaw dropping action, PUBG’ is the ultimate adrenaline packed game for millennials. An interesting reason that only gamers will tell you is that since every match is a fresh game in itself, PUBG acts as the perfect stressbuster after a long day at work or college.

Counter Strike

Counter Strike

Counter Strike is another one of the best and popular online games for PC but only ardent gamers with the patience to master their skills and withstand the emotional thrill can sustain in this game. The skill ceiling for this first person shooter game is incredibly high so players must spend dedicated hours to navigate the myriad challenges of the game and work hard on their speed, reflexes and teamwork.

The fact that Counter Strike makes it to the top 10 online games list can be credited to the fact that over its four releases, it has developed beautifully with its core gameplay and philosophy intact.

With a long standing competitive online gaming community since its first release in 2000 and low system requirements and regular release of updates, Counter Strike still retains its mass appeal and a loyal, steady fan base and remains till date, one of the most popular online PC free games. Its fourth installment, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the most successful online games in its video game series.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

From World War II to the Cold War to futuristic worlds and outer space, Call of Duty (COD) has managed to conquer the inner and outer realms of the universe and turned itself into an online gaming icon among competitive gamers. Since its inception in 2003, Call of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy and the Black Ops duology have been extremely popular. Due to its simplistic nature and action packed gameplay, it ranks as  one of the most famous and popular online games without difficulty.

Epic storylines, beautiful settings,co-op gameplay as well as it’s recent futuristic settings are an instant favorite among millennials. The Call of Duty franchise still manages to be one of the best free online games for PC with sufficient memorable events to hinge on for a long time. Its recent launch in the mobile gaming world with amazing fun campaigns has further maintained its relevance till date.



Maybe you haven’t played any of the online games for PC above, but as a casual gamer, you must have played FIFA. Originally introduced in 1993 by Electronic Arts, this video game has been a favorite among 90s kids that managed to enhance our knowledge on soccer and spike the interest and popularity of the sport even among non football fans globally. FIFA mimics the anticipation and excitement of liveplay and is a great game for beginners even now who are just getting started.

Its latest installments may have faced some criticism but football fans still love to get their doses of nostalgia with online games of FIFA even today.

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is the new kind of sport that currently dominates the real money online games sector in India. Ardent fans of cricket have found a new way to engage with cricket by using their knowledge of their cricket stars and the game itself and also earn real money. 

What makes it to the top 10 popular online games in India? Its unique gameplay and scoring system. Every player can form their own fantasy team of the best in form players including the captain and vice captain from both teams and get scored on their performance on the field in any ongoing match.

Indeed, your team results actually depend on the live performance of the chosen players in the field. The higher points you score, the higher are your real money returns. 

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

If there’s one online game that has found home in almost every smartphone globally, it has to be 8 Ball Pool. An ultimate unwinder, 8 Ball Pool is your go to home game whenever you wish to relax or loosen up after a taxing day. While there are many variations to the game, 8 Ball Pool is one of the most famous games that ranks among the top 10 online games due to its simpler gameplay and the scope to explore with different tactics and shot strategies, thus keeping the fun alive.

Due to the involvement of various technical skills and game physics such as skill, spin, angle and cue ball path, 8 ball pool is actually harder than it seems. However, with the advent of popular online pool games, players love to compete with each other in the online realm and blow off steam.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is another one of the most popular online mobile games for Android and iOs users. The graphics are great for a free game and don't consume much space on your smartphone. If you love strategy cum adventure games with cartoonish graphics and timely improvements to keep you hooked, Clash of Clans could easily be your jam during your off time. 

Although, some may debate its popularity over years due to some cons in terms of real money, deletion of global chat and timely upgrades, but all in all, with a million plus active user base, ardent clashers still manage to keep it in the top 10 famous online games list.



Perhaps, one of the most played online games among the masses, this skill game requires absolutely zero introduction. We can all agree that Ludo will never get old and will live for many more generations to come. Although the charm of playing it on a board can’t be rivalled, the online adaptation has in a way revived the interest of the board game that has proved to be a major thrill for nostalgia seekers. The option to play popular online Ludo games with friends keeps the game relevant and a great choice in parties and get-togethers when you are missing a real board.



Poker is a globally popular skill based sport and as the best action packed online games run amok in the internet today, online poker has swiftly plunged to the top 10 popular online games list in India to many’s surprise. Earlier an alien game to the Indian audience, it was Facebook that brought online poker in the late 2000s to the limelight. 

Poker is a skill based game of cards where players must match their hole cards with the community cards to make the best five card hand combination to win a hand along with the chips players put in the pot to wager according to the strength of their hands.

The online poker trend started with Zynga poker in 2007 and soon gathered mass on Facebook and witnessing the online game’s climb into popularity among Indian players, online poker sites soon began to crop up at home. 

With the advent of real money poker sites in the 2nd decade of the 2000s, the Indian poker circuit has entered into the second phase of the game ushering in a new era of professional Indian poker players that the world must watch out for. Without contest, poker is one of the fastest growing popular online games among all age groups in the country today.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

If Indians have a favorite in online games of cards, Teen Patti has to top the charts. It is the simpler version of poker that Indians like to play for real money and instead of two hole cards like in the Texas Hold’em variant, players are dealt three hole cards face down and depending on the strength of their hands, players put in money in the pot. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot. 

The fandom of Teen Patti dates back to decades and now that it has captured the online audience, it is safe to assume that this adrenaline packed game will stay in the best top 10 online games list in India for years to come.

Spider Solitaire 

Spider Solitaire

Those of us who have had a PC in our childhood, card games like Spider Solitaire have a special place in our hearts. A legacy handed down by Windows from the 90s, Spider Solitaire is yet another card based game that has lived on for decades simply due to its simpler gameplay and the mind tricks that makes it truly engaging.

Problem solving has been a core human skill and Spider Solitaire is the perfect decluttering game that has ever been designed for the human mind. The smooth transition to online games has passed the legacy to millennials who quickly savoured the game’s innate appeal and as such remains one of the most unrivalled best online games of the 21st century.



Rummy is more of a tradition than just a card game in India. Any Indian who has had a penchant for card games knows rummy by heart. It is perhaps the most played game of the 20th and the 21st century combined by all card players. Its 60+ variations is a standing testament of its global appeal. A simple game with even simpler rules, rummy continues to widen its audience and now that the game has taken solid roots in the online world with real money as a relevant incentive, rummy tops the list of best and most played online games in India.

Online games of rummy are even more popular among the younger generation due to many rummy variations, new features and game formats and evidently, the introduction of real money tournaments and cash rummy games brings in an entirely unique dimension.

So, now that we have summed up the top 10 most played online games, we will leave you some awesome games to fiddle with that allow maximum entertainment and opportunities to win real money online as well.

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At RummyBaazi, we do things a tad bit differently. Rummy fans can play online rummy games of all different kinds with widened possibilities to win lots of exciting rewards and cash prizes of superlative guarantees. Here’s a list of the best online games of rummy that you can play all time on our app. 

Online Rummy Games- At the Cash Tables

Play three exciting variants of online rummy on the app namely, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy and win cash prizes every day. The stakes start as low as INR 1, so literally anyone can play them and win real money.

Loyalty Rewards

The perks of playing the most popular online games out here is that you get to win incredible prizes from time to time without spending a dime. All cash games of online rummy are dressed with a fantabulous Loyalty Rewards program unrivalled in the rummy industry.

The program is locked and loaded with 24 different levels of rewards that players can unlock by playing popular online games of rummy at the cash tables of any stake. Cash games generate Reward Points and collecting enough can help you unlock this entire chest of Rewards for free.

Loyalty Rewards feature a dazzling collection such as PlayStation 5, iPhone 12, One Plus 8, Holiday Trips and cash prizes worth up to 2LAC!

Tournaments for Players of All Levels

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro at online games of rummy, playing popular games online has its definite perks on RummyBaazi. The range of tournaments plus the guarantees offered are good enough to encourage anybody to attempt pro shots and climb the ladder of skill and greatness. 

From free entry rummy tournaments to depositor’s freerolls to some lucrative novel tourneys that only loyal rummy fans can dare to take on, we have little bit of everything to keep the entertainment coming.

We say, you wash your doubts away and fire up things at the tables by playing the most popular online games online and bring some fun and goodness into your life!

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