Over 240 Players Rewarded Under Rummybaazi Cash Drive (Nov Edition)

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06 December 2019

Make cash games your go-to online rummy game because the gaming experience on RummyBaazi is becoming rewarding like never before! November saw over 240 players rewarded more than INR 2.7 LAC LeaderBoard Prizes regardless of winnings or defeats. India’s most rewarding rummy site is making our favourite online game rewarding and fun. Come be a part of the festivities if being a part of any kind of competition gets you going!

The Monthly LeaderBoardfor the month of November rewarded the top 10 players across three categories: low, mid and high. Hearty congratulations to all our LeaderBoard Winners!

Here’s A List of The Top 10 Players of each Category:






Nimai “Shilpa66” Biswas

Surendra “Surendra5161” Meghwal

Ancha “Jasmin1991” Mercyjoice


Rajesh “Rabi66884” Das

Sonali “Sonali99” Chorghe

Bharathi “Charan6573” Bharathi


Purushotham “Raaj8884” P

Raghuram “Ramkumar123” BS

Suresh “suresh1218” Dangeti



Lakshmi “British456” BS

Siraj “Karippa” Ismail


Tilak “tilak128” Meena

Younus “Salmanhaliza” Khan

Chandni “darbar121” Bothra


Vijaysena “vijaysena” B

Suresh “suresh1218” Dangeti

Raghuram “Ramkumar123” BS


Ashish “pills123” Jain

Omprakash “omjain” Jain

Shashikant “Shashi2244” Patil


Pritam “Pritamyadav” Yadav

Bharathi “Charan6573” Bharathi

Mahender “Mahender” Singh


Suganya “Suganyaselva” Muthu

Akshay “akibaazi” Jain



Soniya “Jilesingh” Devi

Arjun “Arjun5388” Negi

Rajan “rajan1465” Jha


Tis The Season To Be Jolly With 8 LAC+ Rewards!

Though the rewarding season never ends at India’s most rewarding rummy site, we wanted to make this festive season all the more special. The RummyBaazi Cash Drive 2.0 is back bigger and better! This month-long online rummy promotion will award the winners over 8 LAC LeaderBoard Prizes!

Now you might ask how is that even possible? It is, your favourite rummy app has made it possible. All you have to do is hit as many cash tables as you can, rank high on either or all the leaderboards (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), and win from 8 LAC+ prizes. And the catch is, you will win prizes regardless of your winnings or losses.

How will I Rank High on the LeaderBoards then?

  1. Play as many cash games as you can.
  2. As you play, you will generate coins regardless of whether you lose or win.
  3. This will simultaneously be added up to help you rank in the Daily and Monthly Leaderboards.
  4. The more coins you generate, the higher you will rank resulting in higher leaderboard winnings.

Don’t forget that playing cash games can help you climb the Baazi Rewards levels. Play more and claim prizes such as a trip to Goa, a Samsung S10 smartphones, Amazon Smart Speaker with Alexa and much more.

Santa goes Digital – win OnePlus 7T in INR 70!

The second edition of our Gadget Depositor Free Entry Tournament is set to hit the rummy tables on 25th December 2019 at 9 PM. Make a deposit of INR 70 using code “OnePlusXmas”, get a ticket to the tourney and stand a chance to own a brand-new OnePlus 7T smartphone!

New additions to the Tournament Lobby:

  1. 1K Free Entry Tournament: Pulling an all-nighter can be rewarding on your favourite rummy app, RummyBaazi. One of the latest additions to our app lobby, one such tourney will roll out every two hours between 1 AM and 7 PM. Unable to get a goodnight’s sleep? Play online rummy for free and win prizes!
  2. After Dark (1K GTD): Developed for the thrill-seekers, this online rummy tournament can be entered for a buy-in of INR 50 only. Tune in at 11 PM every day to enjoy it.
  3. 20K Daily Depositor Free Entry Tournament: Another depositor’s delight has been included to our tourney schedule. Players can make a minimum deposit of INR 100 using code ‘100ka20K’ and get an entry to the tourney. This tourney will roll out every day at 9 PM.

The season of gifts is here. Make sure you hit the most rewarding rummy app, RummyBaazi this month!

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