Play 3 Different Rummy Variations to Triple Up Your Winnings with Instant Bonuses and Coveted Rewards!

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12 May 2020

Rummy Variations Rummy Variations

This month, RummyBaazi is committed to offer more bounce for every ounce to all online rummy cash game players every single time you decide to hit the cash tables. With the instant bonus offers on a rolling spree all 30 days of the month, it’s time to kick it up a notch and declare war on the tables if you are hell bent on doubling your income on RummyBaazi.

Having said that, a wise thing to do this month would be to learn about the different rummy variations offered on the portal so, that you do not limit your choices in your race to earn unlimited real money and exclusive bonus offers. 

Remember, it’s not just instant bonuses but plenty more is at stake! The Weekly Coins Leaderboard shall continue to speed up your race to earning up to 10,000 coins that in turn shall help you translate them into some coveted Rewards from our Loyalty Rewards program.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the different online rummy game variations you can play on the cash tables of RB.

Rummy Variations: All You Need to Know

RummyBaazi has been featuring three exciting Rummy variations of online rummy games so as to maximize your opportunities to play rummy online and earn real money! Please note each variation calls for a different style of play and game strategy in order to win the game.

We say you try them all and find out which rummy variations speaks to you the most. Who knows, you might just be great at all of them, in which case it’s an absolute win-win with triple the rewards! Plus, it could be the right cure to your quarantine spell. 

Let’s find out right away.

  1. Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is the most mature rummy variation of all! We say so because it’s played with an allotted set of chips and attracts an entry fees! All chips carry equal points and the primary aim is to win all or most chips from your opponents that will result in their elimination from the game.

However, there comes a catch. Unlike other rummy variations, you can play online rummy for real money in this variant for a pre-decided number of rounds or deals. 

Best of 2/3 Deals 

Like it says, any player in the game who scores the least no. of points after playing two/three deals, wins the game. Moreover, the winner also receives the number of chip points of all losing opponents.

  1. Points Rummy

Points Rummy is the most widely featured and played rummy variations of all. It is also the fasted variant of all as each game lasts for only one deal which makes it popular among those who play rummy online for real money. 

Any player who makes a valid declaration of their cards first among all wins the game. All losing players are scored penalty points according to the value of their redundant cards. The winner scores zero points.

Deal Rummy

  1. Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is an interesting rummy variation wherein it features a cut-off point at which players who reach that point get eliminated and exits the competition. In addition, all players pool in an entry fees that forms the total prize pool.  The cut-off point divides this variant further into two kinds. 

101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy

In 101/201 Pool Rummy, the cut-off point for elimination is 101/201 points. In this variant, any player who scores 101/201 points due to his/her failure to make valid sets and sequences gets eliminated and is chucked out of the competition. The winning player is the one who makes all valid declarations with all 13 cards in the least possible time compared to his/her opponents and is awarded 0 points.

Drop System in Pool Rummy

In Pool Rummy, every player has the option to drop during the game in case you think you don’t have a great set of cards. However, selecting this option shall cost you penalty points.

In 101 Pool Rummy, the 1st drop will cost you 20 points, a Middle drop will cost you 40 points and a Full Drop will cost you a total of 80 points!

In 201 Pool Rummy, the 1st Drop will cost you 25 points, a Middle Drop will cost you 50 points and a Full Drop shall penalize you a maximum of 80 penalty points!

This is pretty much all the info you need to know in order to play different rummy variations featured on RummyBaazi. Play them all or simply pick your favorite online rummy game to play for real money and double up your profits with our exclusive promotions in real time!

That’s all folks!

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