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29 April 2019

Why Play Rummy Online For Real Money in India?

Card games are a way of life in a country like India, her history rich with cultures traversing with travelers coming from Persia, Afghanistan, Europe, China and many more countries. However, with card games like rummy going online, the thrill is only a byproduct in the process.

It is truly an adrenaline-pumping machine, as now the country’s favourite card game is available online. With online rummy coupons available for Indians, they look at it as a treat!

 How to Use Online Rummy Coupons in India?

If a player is hunting for thrill coupled with excitement and satisfaction of winning big, then RummyBaazi is their ultimate solution.

All one could do is make a cash deposit on the RummyBaazi application and use our deposit code to earn extra real money. Playing rummy online for real money in India does make things serious but we can say with the assurance that winning huge amounts feels rewarding and satisfying.

We have got your back! RummyBaazi hosts Free Entry Tournaments for their players who are not yet confident enough with their skills and are second-guessing their decision of playing rummy. Playing Free Entry Tournaments would definitely add to your experience and enhance your rummy skills.

Why is RummyBaazi the Most Rewarding Rummy Website?

RummyBaazi is a new venture of Baazi Games which is now proudly operating PokerBaazi and BalleBaazi. India’s most rewarding rummy website, RummyBaazi is set to satiate the players’ ‘rummy pangs’ this March. Following the exemplary footsteps of PokerBaazi, they are launching their loyalty rewards program called the Baazi Rewards with prizes worth INR 2 LAC approximately!

This program enables players to turn their defeat into victory, this means that even if they lose, they win reward points to claim a certain reward!

Following is a list of treats you will enjoy when you log in to

  • Sign-up bonus of INR 50, once you create an ID on our website


  • Avail our welcome bonus by using code WELCOMERB on your first deposit on RummyBaazi


  • Win rewards on Baazi Rewards



Join us to find out that this is one of the best online rummy website in India because it offers a welcome code the moment you sign up. It’s like a joyride where you win treats with every step you take! Take a step of referring a friend and you go two steps ahead as this move will help you earn a bonus of INR 1500 for you and your friend each!

How does Baazi Rewards work on RummyBaazi?

To kick-start the most satisfying gaming experience, you can join our cash tables to earn reward points, climb up the Baazi Reward levels and claim exciting prizes. To put things in perspective, every INR 100 cash game you play, you earn 15 coins earning 1 reward point. The more you play, the more you earn reward points, regardless of victories or defeats. The highest level on Baazi Rewards is Level 20 with a reward point count of 50000 where you will win INR 2 LAC real money! You would be amazed to know that these reward points are worth INR 2 LAC and are redeemable! 

All these offers make rewarding an understatement as these enable you to play and earn real money online in India. It seems like RB has truly created a nexus of bonuses with exciting offers at every breath you take. RummyBaazi indeed fulfills the criterion of being the best online rummy website in India.

In the next month we are preparing to host our special, Gadget Depositor Free Entry Tournament where the winner will be awarded a cool gadget. Apart from this, an Instant Real Cash Bonus deposit code will be going live where you can make a deposit and enjoy 30% Real Cash Bonus. This December, Santa is surely going digital!

What’s the wait! Join cash games and tourneys only on India’s most rewarding rummy site, RummyBaazi! Stay tuned to our social media channels for latest updates.

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