Know How To Defeat Different Kinds of Rummy Players!

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19 July 2019

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India’s favourite card game, Rummy is now a thrilling online activity. With online platforms offering lucrative gratifications, the game and its gamers are evolving. Each player has his/her own style of playing the game that they use to outwit their opponents. With skills and strategies being deployed, here’s a look at the different types of Rummy players you encounter online.

The Beginners/ Newbies

Every sport has this kind and rummy is no exception! The beginners or newbies or noobs as you please to call them, have just ventured into the felts and are mostly inexperienced. Easy to spot, beginners are only trying to find their way around the game. They are keen on understanding the rules, variants and different formats. You can frequently spot them in free rummy games, freeroll tournaments and low stakes cash games. Mostly found betting in a conservative fashion, the beginners end up leaving a table after losing the first few hands. Besides, they don’t want to be a sitting duck for skilled and professional players. 

The Light-hearted Players

These players play a game of rummy for fun and entertainment. Considered to be easy-going, carefree players who don’t brood over their losses. They prefer to use a simple strategy while they play but are not be underestimated for beginners. They participate in tournaments and are often taking home the bucks. However, they are aware of where they stand and don’t push their limits by trying to hustle the aggressive players.

The Aggressive

Recall that aunt/uncle of yours who didn’t make the game easy and were super-competitive? That’s the aggressive kind; they don’t take the game lightly and are very passionate about the game. They never give up and often resort to the chat window to show their aggression to hide their losses. Very impulsive in nature, the aggressive don’t consider their starting hands and will never fold their cards. They probably go for the meld despite not a having a pure sequence. These players tend to lose more than they win because they focus on making their hand rather than winning the game. Watch out for what they discard and their game pattern and you will definitely be making money off them. 

The Bluffmaster

Most card games allow players to bluff easily and force their opponents to drop. You know the kind, the bluff masters! Their wins or losses don’t bother them. They start with mediocre hands and continually bluff to get their opponents to succumb. These are the kind who will make you think that they are about to finish the game just to get your reactions. Be aware and don’t fall for their traps!

The Pros

These are the real ones to watch out for! The pros are players who don’t take the game lightly. Their passion for the game makes them learn, mend and execute several different strategies against their opponents. Patience is the name of their game! With great skills, they defeat their opponents with the least number of moves. Pros move with caution and calculate each move, risk it not their appetite. 

We are pretty sure if you play rummy you identify these player profiles. Knowing your opponent is the first step, but knowing your playing style and being able to adapt to each opponent type is the more second step to victory!

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