How To Switch From Free To Cash Rummy Games Online

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18 July 2019

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Sitting on the Fence? Go Take the Plunge!

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve savored the success of free online rummy. Considering the stigma attached to this card based game and real cash, it’s no surprise there is a hesitation to make the switch from free online rummy to real cash rummy. Whether you choose to play real cash rummy recreational or turn into a professional, here are a few tips that will help you make that transition seamlessly.

Understand The Nature Of Real Cash Rummy Online

The free online variant of rummy is just a taster for what the real cash rummy offers. Online portals have the free variant to help users acquaint themselves with the user interface and mainly, make the shift from online to offline. Most often you are up against amateur players who are as new to the game as you are.

However as you shift to play the real cash variant, the players are no longer experimenting with their moves. Seasoned or professional players, who have winning strategies in play, throng the real cash rummy felts. As a player challenging the seasoned ones one must be aware of the skills and knowledge on various aspects of the game to make a move. Since the stakes are high and so are the rewards, the field is more competitive and is no longer casual.

Understanding The Game Selection Process

Rummy tournaments and cash games are offered around the clock on most online platforms. However, it certainly isn’t in your best interest to nose dive into all of these formats in the beginning. Each format of the game calls for a different skill set and its important to understand where your strength lays. It’s advisable to specialize in a given format in the free online variant and graduate to its professional variant. 

Tournaments vary by the amount at stake. Starting low, with lower stakes is the best and most cost effective way to learn. Gradually move up the ladder in stakes when you hone the skills of the game

Understanding The Definite No of the Game

Whether you’ve played the offline or the free online version, an average rummy player is aware that stacking up high cards is big NO. Often in the offline version and in the free online version, you might get away easily since there is no real money at stake. But if you choose to keep your high cards in the hope that you will form a pure sequence just around the corner, that might create a hole in your pocket in the real cash variant of the game. In real cash rummy, you never know which of your opponents is ready to declare, therefore stick to discarding your high cards whenever possible, therefore even if you lose, you lose by a lower margin. It is advisable to hold mid-value cards that will have a better opportunity to form a sequence.

Understanding Your Opponents

If you’ve played the game for long enough offline, you must be aware of not handing out cards to your opponent by discarding cards that they need. Keep a watchful eye on the cards picked up and discarded by your opponents. The game is not only about how you play your cards, but it also about not playing into the cards held by your opponents. 

Keep these pointers in mind and the grass on the other side of this fence will definitely be greener!


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