Cash Drive: More than 40,000 RCB Rewarded to Players in a Week

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13 November 2019

RummyBaazi Cash Drive RummyBaazi Cash Drive

Did you hear that each day is getting more rewarding on RummyBaazi? Yes, now you will be rewarded with each hand you play on our cash tables. We are making every hand more profitable with our RummyBaazi Cash Drive where you can top the leaderboard and win prizes from INR 2.7 LAC!

A week has gone by and players are getting rewarded each day. So far 40,600 Real Cash Bonus has been given out to players who placed themselves in the top 3 Daily Leaderboard positions. Until now, the 63 of our Baazigars showcased their skills and made it to the top. Here is the list of the achievers:

 RB Leaderboard standings

RB Leaderboard standings

RB Leaderboard standings

RB Leaderboard standings

RB Leaderboard standings

RB Leaderboard standings

RB Leaderboard standings

The Monthly LeaderBoard boasts a massive INR 1.3 LAC worth of prizes. Check out the current standings here:

RB Leaderboard standings 

You might ask how you can be a part of this bonus bonanza. Here’s how:

  1. Play as many cash games as you can.
  2. As you play, you will generate coins regardless of whether you lose or win.
  3. This will simultaneously be added up to help you rank in the Daily and Monthly Leaderboards.
  4. The more coins you generate, the higher you will rank resulting in higher leaderboard winnings.

Our cash games start for as LOW as INR 8, so hop on board and make it to the top. What’s more – this Cash Drive makes cash games a double delight. As you play cash games, you will also generate reward points to win various prizes under our loyalty reward program, Baazi Rewards. Our path-breaking reward program lets you win exciting prizes for your passion for rummy. Check out all the amazing prizes we offer under this program:

●        At Level 1, you can claim 150 bonus with 20 reward points.

●        At Level 4, you can claim Adichai Rainbow Fidget Spinner for 75 reward points.

●        Level 13 lets you win Amazon Fire Stick with 1500 reward points.

●        Reach Level 15 and you can claim Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa for 2500 reward points.

●        At Level 17, you can be ₹25,000 richer with 10000 reward points.

●        With 20000 reward points, you can avail our Goa Package for 3 days/4 nights at Level 18.

●        At Level 20, you can claim a massive real cash prize worth ₹2,00,000 with 50000 reward points.

If you have recently started playing online rummy, you can kick-start your journey with our FREE entry tournaments. Play for free and win massive! Even if you don’t know how to play online rummy, you have the best app to back you. Hit the RummyBaazi tables and get richer!

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