13 Card Online Rummy Game Tips: When to Drop in Your Favour

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11 February 2020

13 card game strategy 13 card game strategy

Learning how to play a snappy card game like 13 card rummy should probably take just a few games with friends but mastering the felts online among a pool of unknown players takes ages just like aging wine. Assuming you have decent experience in playing online 13 card rummy games, you must have used certain tactics occasionally to outsmart your opponents.

However, this blog is going to change your game forever. Today, we are going a step further and talk about some advanced online rummy tips that can save you from going to the deep end.

Knowing when to drop is a superior rummy skill every player should learn and not fall prey to every time the cards refuse to side with you. Let’s figure this one out right away and see if strategizing your drop moves can work in your favour in a 13 card rummy game.

How Does Each Drop Influence The Point System In A 13 Card Rummy Game?

In a 13 card rummy game, keeping your points low and mitigating the gravity of your loss are some important skills that you need to learn in order to lead the Leaderboard. In this regard, knowing exactly when to drop is a cool 13 card game strategy in online rummy tournaments and cash games.

Let’s start by understanding the different Dropping stages and its consequences in a 13 card rummy game:

●  First Drop

As per 13 card rummy rules, a player can choose to drop even during the first turn upon which he/she will receive 20 points.

 ●  Second Drop

If a player chooses to drop in the second or third turn in a 13 card rummy game, he/she will get 40 points.

Now that you know how dropping affects the points system in 13 card rummy game, let’s shift to the strategic side of this action.

When Exactly Should You Drop The Game?

1. When you don’t have a Pure sequence

Building a pure sequence is the utmost need for a valid meld. If you haven’t hit a pure sequence in the first three turns, dropping would be a smart move.

 2. When you don’t have a joker but very high cards

Playing online rummy card games is fun for sure, however, if you’re unfortunately stuck with very high cards such as Kings or Queens with nothing to turn them into valid sets or sequences, drop the game.

3.  When you don’t have sequential or close cards to a sequence

In 13 card rummy game strategy, having a rainbow hand which means a hand with cards with no correlation to each other can be a tricky place to be in 13 card online rummy games. Drop out if you have such a hand even after two or three turns.

4. When you have low cards, but no sequence or joker

If you have hit such a hand in a 13 card online rummy game, don’t be fooled by the low points. It’s a mirage and you should be smart enough to not get trapped by it. Redeeming your hand from such a tricky situation could consume more time than usual as you will have to wait for several turns. Dropping out of the game should be a wise move.

5. When you have a gutter hand but are in the middle of the game

If you think you are merely adding up points sitting with a gutter hand in a 13 card rummy game, choose to drop. If it is a middle drop, check how many points you have at the moment. If it is less than 15 points, drop the game without having second thoughts.

While such online 13 card rummy game strategy makes sense mostly, they are not fool proof moves in all possible situations. Stay tuned as we are about to reveal awesome bonus rummy promotions where you may use this strategy and fuel your winnings up to 3x times.

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