Is 13 Card Online Rummy a Game of Skill or Luck?

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24 July 2020

Let us address the first concern of any new 13 card online rummy player when they get introduced to the sport. Let us clear all your doubts about whether rummy is a skill-based game or a game of luck. Don’t let your doubts make you stay away from some fun and sweet real cash winnings!

As per the Hon. Supreme Court of India, 13 card rummy game online comes under the category of game of skills as it is based on various core concepts of game theory and mathematics.

Reasons 13 Card Rummy Game is a Game of Skill:

Rummy Skill game

  • A player needs to make a strategy to keep winning. To be consistently good and continuously win big, a player needs to develop a strategy based on the type of opponents you are playing against and the cards you are holding.
  • A player needs months to learn the nitty-gritty of the game. Anyone can learn the basic 13 card rummy rules, however, one needs determination to actually know how to act in a volatile game.
  • An unbeatable player practices to meld sets and sequences in a limited period of time. 13 card online rummy game is a fast-paced sport. It is literally a constant race against time. So, in order to make a valid declaration, you need to meld your sets and sequences before you run out of time.
  • One should know when to use or discard a joker. A joker plays a crucial role in 13 card rummy game. Too many or too less or jokers can make or break your game. Dealing with your jokers right comes with months and years of practice.

Here’s a helpful strategy blog on how to play 13 card rummy game online: How to Handle Jokers.

Knowing when to drop from a game is also crucial. Only a good 13 card rummy game player knows when to drop a game and when to continue in case the cards are not rolling in their favour at the moment.

Here are some tips on 13 card online rummy game drop strategy: When to Drop a Game.

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