What’s Your 13 Card Online Rummy Game Strategy – Passive or Aggressive?

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15 May 2020

13 Card Rummy Tips 13 Card Rummy Tips

A few years before, online rummy wasn’t even a real thing. It was only a part of family gatherings or a house party among college friends. Now, our favourite 13 card rummy game is just a click away, thanks to leap in technology. With big real money prizes and gadgets to win through 13 card online rummy games, it has become one of the most sought after source of entertainment for online gamers.

If you want to beat the boredom, then 13 card online rummy games can offer some respite to all players.  This popular variation of online rummy is one that keeps you on your toes throughout the game. To emerge as a winner in a 13 card rummy game, a player has to declare that he/she has melded valid sets and sequences first among all. However, it is easier said than done. A player should be clear on the 13 card rummy game strategy front to outwit one’s opponents.

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Let’s dive in!

Aggressive Play

If you are planning to choose the aggressive 13 card online rummy game strategy, then you should be ready to be at your best at the rummy tables. Become a schemer, plan on attacking your opponent at each move you make. To make that possible, you need to have sufficient experience on your side and regular practice.

Keeping an eye on what your opponent is discarding or picking from the discard pile is the key here, discarding your cards based on that observation are some of the moves you need to use to badger your opponents. 

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13 card Rummy Tips

Passive Play

Adopting this 13 card online rummy game strategy is letting your guard down. It is more like letting your opponent make the decisions for you by setting the pace of the game. This style or strategy of playing 13 card online rummy games in India is usually adopted when you have no other way left to go ahead. 

Typically, players do not adopt this 13 card game strategy because the nature of rummy game requires you to be offensive at the tables. 

So, if you have your arsenal of great cards on your side, going aggressive should be definitely your game strategy for 13 card online rummy. Become submissive, only when you think you have irredeemable cards.

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You’ve got your 13 card game strategy plan ready and several opportunities on your plate to win big real cash prizes only on India’s most trusted and rewarding rummy site. RummyBaazi. Hit the tables now!

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